Syllabi Development

With the speed of summer terms, we recommend you send your syllabus to students before the first class.  Requiring reading before class starts is not allowed, but sharing details with them about course content, expectations, and assessment can be very useful in advance.

Syllabi development is an instructor prerogative, but we recommend you include a version of the following:

  • Course info (session, instructor contact, location, lecture days/times, office hours)
  • Course description
  • Add/Drop/Withdraw deadlines, DRC accommodations, Title IX, Academic Dishonesty - We have compiled the language to cut and paste in this Google Document 
  • Grading criteria
  • Expectations (i.e. attendance policies, participation, paper presentation, reading list)
  • Discussion sections
  • Course outline
  • Date of final (since there is no finals week over summer,  you will need to schedule during the last week of class. Many instructors schedule on the last day of class. 

Past syllabi for reference can be found on our Summer Session Syllabi page.

See our “Checking your enrollment/accessing class rosters” page for student emails.