Grading and Evaluations

Grading Resources

How to Grade

You can consult the following Registrar resources:

Our offices do not dictate how instructors structure their grading. The standards are based on individual instructors and courses. The primary advice is that instructors follow whatever standards were communicated to students in the syllabus. 

When to Grade

Grade rosters become available the Monday of the last week of your class.

Grades are due the Thursday after your last day of class. See the Academic and Administrative Calendar. Please be prompt in your grade submission because missing grades may prevent students from enrolling in Session 2 or fall courses. 

How to Submit:

  • Instructors use AIS to submit grades

  • You’ll need to submit and publish. A common issue is not clicking Submit to Registrar; students won't see their grades if you don’t see “Posted” on the grade roster.

  • You can find detailed instructions on the Instructions for Faculty and Instructions for TAs.

Students Who Did Not Participate:

  • If students did not participate in the course, please grade them accordingly. Depending on the student's grading preference, you can assign an F or NP. 

  • If appropriate, our office will guide students through the appeal process. You can forward any inquiries to us or to the deadline exceptions page on our website. 

Incomplete Grades:

  • Incomplete grades are the same in summer as the rest of the year. The INC may be assigned, at your discretion, when student work for a course is of passing quality but for which some specific required work has not been completed. 

  • Students must make arrangements with you to receive an Incomplete.

  • You may require the student to complete a Petition for Removal of Incomplete. This form must be submitted to the Office of the Registrar by you/your department, not the student. Or, you can change an Incomplete grade to the final grade in AIS without the form.

  • The work must be completed and a new grade submitted by the end of the fall quarter. If students do not meet the deadline, the Incomplete lapses to an F (or No Pass).

Change of Grade:

  • A final grade notation may be changed upon your written request, provided that there has been a clerical or procedural error.
  • A grade may NOT be changed on the basis of re-examination or the completion of additional work.

See the Registrar's Grading FAQ for expanded information and policies.