Grading and Evaluations

Grades Due

Grade rosters become available the Monday of the last week of your class. See the Academic and Administrative Calendar.

Instructors use AIS to submit grades. Make sure your grades are submitted AND published completely. See Registrar's excellent FAQ.

Please be prompt in your grade submission because missing grades may prevent students from enrolling in Session 2 and/or fall courses, risk their academic standing (go on probation) or affect their fall financial aid.

Incomplete Grades:

  • Incomplete grades are the same in summer as the rest of the year.
  • The notation I may be assigned, at your discretion, when student work for a course is of passing quality but for which some specific required work has not been completed.
  • Students must make arrangements with you before the end of the course in order to receive an Incomplete.
  • To remove the Incomplete, students must submit the remaining coursework and file a petition by the end of the Fall Quarter.
  • If students do not meet the deadline, the Incomplete lapses to a No Pass or an F, depending on the grading option selected at the beginning of the quarter.
  • Student Evaluations (SETS) of Instructor/Course

    Evaluations are administered completely online at the end of each session. Students and instructors can access the SETS through a confidential system called Blue by eXplorance. Login to access SETS

    Annual evaluation open and close dates are found on the SETS website

  • Administration and Best Practices:

    To help raise historically low response rates, consider some of the following best practices:

    • Reserving 15-20 minutes of class time for students to complete evals.
    • Offer extra credit / bonus points to the WHOLE class if your evals completion rate exceeds 60% or 75%. Summer Session can quickly/easily tell you your completion rates. Email request to with course details (number and section).


    • We cannot move forward until all grades have been submitted.
    • Departments are able to download evaluation reports the day after grades are due.
    • For each course taught, are two reports:
      • The Instructor SETS Report is the aggregated summary of all of the responses to the survey
      • The SETS Per Respondent Report is the set of individual responses to the survey
    • The department is responsible for distributing evaluations to instructors and teaching assistants. 
    • Departments are also the department of record housing them for the future.
    • For any SETS related questions, please email

    A note from CITL and COT:

    Even if you are not up for review, you may want to look over your reports so you can gain some information about how students are experiencing your teaching and course design. You may find information that you can use to make changes that might be beneficial for future offerings of this course or for other courses. If you want some guidance in how to use the survey results, CITL and COT have produced a guide to using student feedback. You can also always reach out to for a confidential consultation to go over your SET results and strategize about changes you may want to make on the basis of what you find there.

    You can access your Blue portal by logging into or click to directly access your Response Rate Dashboard.

    Please send a message to if you have any questions.

  • Submitting Narrative Evaluations

    Extensive information on how to submit optional narrative evaluations can be found on the Registrar’s FAQs for Faculty: Evaluations

    • Evaluations are due 2 weeks after the session ends.
    • Submit narrative evaluations to  

    Find Faculty Senate-approved guidelines on the Academic Senate website.

  • Change of Grade


    • A final grade notation may be changed upon your written request, provided that there has been a clerical or procedural error.
    • A grade may NOT be changed on the basis of re-examination or the completion of additional work.

    See the Registrar's Grading FAQ for expanded information and policies.