Grading and Evaluations

Grades Due

Grade rosters become available on the Monday of the last week of your class. Grades are due:

  • Session 1 - Thursday, July 29
  • Session 2 - Thursday, September 2
  • 8wk - Thursday, August 19
  • 10wk - Thursday, September 2
  • Independent/Field Studies/Internships - Thursday, September 2 

Instructors use AIS to submit grades. Make sure your grades are submitted AND published completely. See Registrar's excellent FAQ.

Please be prompt in your grade submission because missing grades may prevent students from enrolling in Session 2 and/or fall courses, risk their academic standing (go on probation), or affect their fall financial aid.  

  • Student Evaluations of Instructor/Course

    Evaluations are administered completely online at the end of each session. Summer Session will contact instructors and TAs with open/close reminder emails. Students are messaged at their addresses by the system.

    2021 Evaluation Dates:

    Session 1 Open TBA Close TBA
    Session 2 Open TBA Close TBA
    8-Week Open TBA Close TBA
    10-Week Open TBA Close TBA
  • Administration and Best Practices:

    To help raise historically low response rates, consider some of the following best practices:

    • Reserving 15-20 minutes of class time for students to complete evals.
    • Offer extra credit / bonus points to the WHOLE class if your evals completion rate exceeds 60% or 75%. Summer Session can quickly/easily tell you your completion rates. Email request to with course details (number and section).


    • We cannot move forward until all grades have been submitted.
    • Summer Session downloads evaluation responses and sends them to the manager of the department that offered the course. 
    • This is typically completed the second week of September.  We will notify all instructors when the distribution is completed.
    • The department is responsible for distributing evaluations to instructors and teaching assistants.  They are also the department of record housing them for the future.
  • Submitting Narrative Evaluations

    Extensive information on how to submit optional narrative evaluations can be found on the Registrar’s FAQs for Faculty: Evaluations

    • Evaluations are due 2 weeks after the session ends.
    • Submit narrative evaluations to  

    Find Faculty Senate-approved guidelines on the Academic Senate website.

  • Change of Grade


    • A final grade notation may be changed upon your written request, provided that there has been a clerical or procedural error.
    • A grade may NOT be changed on the basis of re-examination or the completion of additional work.

    See the Registrar's Grading FAQ for expanded information and policies.