Summer Steadies

Here are the courses we offer EVERY summer. It's a reliable tool to help you plan ahead. There will be 100+ additional courses added each summer, upper and lower division, classes you need for your majors and minors, electives and general education requirements. Print or view the document here.

Applied Math and Statistics

    • AMS 5- Statistics
    • AMS 7/L- Statistical Methods: Biological, Environmental, & Health Sciences (and lab)
    • AMS 131- Introduction to Probability Theory


    • ANTH 1- Introduction to Biological Anthropology
    • ANTH 2- Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
    • ANTH 3- Introduction to Archeology
    • Upper Division- Specific course varies


    • ART 105- Intro to 3D Printing, Laser Cutting, & More
    • Lower Division Studio- Specific course varies
    • Upper Division Studio- Specific course varies

Biology: Ecology and Evolutionary

    • BIOE 20B- Developmental and Physiological Biology
    • BIOE 20C- Ecology and Evolution
    • BIOE 107- Ecology
    • BIOE 108- Marine Ecology
    • BIOE 109- Evolution
    • BIOE 140- Behavioral Ecology

Biology: Molecular, Cell, and Developmental

    • BIOL 20A- Cell and Molecular Biology
    • BIOL 100- Biochemistry
    • BIOL 105- Genetics
    • BIOL 189- Health Sciences Internship
    • BIOL 189W- Human Biology Disciplinary Communication
    • BIOL Upper Division- Specific course varies


    • CHEM 1A- General Chemistry
    • CHEM 1B- General Chemistry
    • CHEM 1M- General Chemistry Lab
    • CHEM 1C- General Chemistry
    • CHEM 1N- General Chemistry Lab
    • CHEM 8A- Organic Chemistry
    • CHEM 8L- Organic Chemistry Lab
    • CHEM 8B- Organic Chemistry
    • CHEM 8M- Organic Chemistry Lab

Community Studies

    • CMMU 30- Numbers and Social Justice

Computer Engineering

    • CMPE 16- Applied Discrete Mathematics

Computer Science

    • CMPS 12B/M- Introduction to Data Structures (and associated lab)
    • CMPS 101- Abstract Data Types
    • CMPS 109- Advanced Programming

Digital Arts and New Media

    • DANM 140- Introduction to 3D Printing, Laser Cutting, and More


    • ECON 1- Introduction to Microeconomics
    • ECON 2- Introduction to Macroeconomics
    • ECON 10A- Economics of Accounting (ONLINE only course)
    • ECON 10B- Economics of Accounting (ONLINE only course)
    • ECON 11B- Mathematical Methods for Economics II
    • ECON 100A- Intermediate Microeconomics
    • ECON 100B- Intermediate Macroeconomics 
    • ECON 113- Introduction to Econometrics
    • ECON 125- Economic History of the U.S.
    • ECON 133- Security Markets & Financial Institutions (ONLINE only course)
    • ECON 135- Corporate Finance
    • ECON 136- Business Strategy
    • ECON 197- Senior Seminar

Environmental Studies

    • ENVS 24- General Ecology
    • ENVS 25- Environmental Policy and Economics
    • ENVS 106A- Natural History of Birds
    • ENVS Upper Division- Social Science
    • ENVS Upper Division- Natural Science
    • ENVS 190- Capstone Course

Feminist Studies

    • FMST Upper Division- Specific course varies

Film and Digital Media

    • FILM 20A- Introduction to Film Studies
    • FILM 20P- Introduction to Production Technique
    • FILM 136- Upper division course from the 136A-D series (specific course varies)
    • FILM 150- Screenwriting Film and Digital Media
    • FILM Production- One upper division Production course (specific course varies)
    • FILM Critical Studies- One upper division Critical Studies elective (specific course varies)

History of Art and Visual Culture

    • HAVC Upper Division- Specific course varies


    • HIS 10A or 10B- United States History
    • HIS Gen Ed- Specific course varies
    • HIS Upper Division- Specific course varies

History of Consciousness

    • HISC 80- Lower Division - Topics in the History of Consciousness
    • HISC Upper Division- Specific course varies

Legal Studies

    • LGST 10- Introduction to the Legal Process
    • LGST 128I- Race and Law
    • LGST Upper Division- Specific course varies


    • LING 50- Introduction to Linguistics
    • LING 53- Semantics I


    • LIT 61 or LIT 80- One each session
    • LIT 102- Translation Theory
    • LIT 146B- Charles Dickens
    • LIT 179C- Methods and Materials
    • Upper Division- Pre-1750 courses, one each session
    • Upper Division- Satisfies Poetry Distribution Requirement
    • Upper Division- Satisfies Global Distribution Requirement


    • MATH 2- College Algebra for Calculus
    • MATH 3- Precalculus
    • MATH 11A- Calculus with Applications
    • MATH 11B- Calculus with Applications
    • MATH 19A- Calculus for Science, Math, and Engineering (ONLINE only course)
    • MATH 19B- Calculus for Science, Math, and Engineering (ONLINE only course)
    • MATH 21- Linear Algebra
    • MATH 22- Calculus of Several Variables Mathematics
    • MATH 23A- Multivariable Calculus
    • MATH 23B- Multivariable Calculus
    • MATH 24- Ordinary Differential Equations
    • MATH Upper Division- Specific course varies

Microbiology and Environmental Toxicology

    • METX 119/L- General Microbiology (and lab)


    • MUSC 11A- Classical Music from the Middles Ages to the Present
    • MUSC 15- Preparatory Musicianship
    • MUSC 80- Music of ... (specific course varies)


    • PHIL 9- Introduction to Logic
    • PHIL 11- Introduction to Philosophy
    • PHIL Upper Div- Various courses in Value Theory, Metaphysics and/or Epistemology


    • PHYS 6A/L- Introduction to Physics I (and lab)
    • PHYS 6C/N- Introduction to Physics III (and lab)


  • POLI Lower Division- Specific course varies
  • POLI Upper Division- Specific course varies


    • PSYC 1- Introduction to Psychology
    • PSYC 2- Introduction to Psychological Statistics
    • PSYC 10- Introduction to Developmental Psychology
    • PSYC 20- Introduction to Cognitive Psychology
    • PSYC 100- Research Methods
    • PSYC Upper Division- Developmental- specific course varies
    • PSYC Upper Division- Cognitive- specific course varies 
    • PSYC Upper Division- Social- specific course varies 
    • PSYC Upper Division- Clinical/Personality- specific course varies


    • SOCY 1- Introduction to Sociology
    • SOCY 10- Issues/Problems in America
    • SOCY 15- World Society
    • SOCY 3A- Evaluation of Evidence
    • SOCY 3B- Statistical Methods
    • SOCY 105A- Classical Sociological Theory
    • SOCY 105B- Classical Sociological Theory
    • SOCY 114- Sports and Society
    • SOCY Upper Division- Specific courses vary


    • THEA 20- Introductory Studies in Acting
    • THEA Lower Division- Specific course varies
    • THEA Upper Division- Specific course varies


    • WRIT 2- Rhetoric and Inquiry