Former UCSC Student

You are a Former UCSC student if you: 

Were admitted to and attended UCSC in the past, but did not graduate, for example:

  • You withdrew
  • You took a leave of absence and did not return
  • You are/were barred or disqualified 

Follow these steps to apply for readmission:

  1. Apply for readmission no later than May 31. The $70 processing fee will be posted to your student account. If you have questions about your readmission, contact an adviser at your college
  2. Once your readmission is approved, your college and the registrar will activate your summer term.
  3. Browse our course listings for classes, gen eds, and sessions. Use Class Search to see all course details like days/times, instructor, prerequisites, gen-eds, and seats available. Enroll in your portal.

Additional Scenarios: 

  • If you are on a Leave of Absence (LOA) and are scheduled to return in Fall 2020, your MyUCSC portal should also be activated for summer enrollment. To check, go to "Enrollment Dates" and ensure you see "2020 Enrollment Dates." If it not, please check with your adviser. 
  • If you are ineligible to be readmitted for summer, please complete our summer registration form (closed for 2020) for students who wish to register for being able to take Session 2 classes. Then work with your College Adviser to apply for readmission to fall.
  • If you are ineligible to be readmitted for fall, please complete our summer registration (closed for 2020) for students who wish to register for being able to take Session 2 classes. 
  • If you have never been admitted to UCSC and want to enroll in a summer course (registration closed for 2020). 


  • If you have a "hold" on your account from past activity (past due bill, judicial, undeclared), that hold will remain until it is resolved. Completing the Summer Session registration process will not remove your hold.