Adds, Drops, & Withdraw from Course

UCSC Summer Session differs from the regular academic year and other UC campuses. Read through the following policies regarding adding, dropping, refunds, and deadline exceptions carefully.


  • There is no credit minimum in summer.
  • There is a 15 credit maximum per session.
  • There is a 30 credit maximum for the entire summer.  

If you would like to exceed this maximum, you would need approval from your college adviser, who should email with permission. 

Summer Waitlist

  • Summer Session waitlists turn on May 1 for all classes and will turn off after the add deadline (for each session).
  • The waitlist process runs every half hour during business hours, beginning at 9:15 am every day, with the last run at 4:15 pm every afternoon.
  • If you are not automatically added before the waitlist shuts off, unfortunately, you cannot take the class. 
  • As spots open up or course capacity is expanded, students are automatically added into the class according to their waitlist position. If students are not automatically enrolled, it is usually due to a time conflict, unmet prerequisite, having already met the credit max, etc. 
  • Information on enrolling, editing, or seeing your position on the waitlist is on the Register FAQ page (please note that some things will be different due to the remote nature of summer 2021).
  • Remember, over Summer Session, you must drop yourself from any class you enroll in, including those you are auto-enrolled in from the waitlist. You will NOT be dropped for not attending the first class meeting or for not paying. Visit the summer add/drop and request for "W" policies.

Adding Courses in Summer Session

  • You can add classes in MyUCSC until the deadline for each session. There is no "Add by Petition" in summer; the deadline is firm.
  • This enrollment PDF shows you how to add a summer class. This orientation video was made for incoming students adding fall classes, but it does show you the visual steps in your MyUCSC portal. 
  • If you are using a permission code to add a class, you can reference the How to Enroll PDF (#10) or this Permission Code How To Video. As a reminder, if you already have the class in your shopping cart, you may need to drop it, then add again if you do not see the permission code option.

Trouble Adding Courses in Summer Session

  • If you try to enroll in a summer class that you did not pass in spring, your portal will not let you enroll until the spring grade posts. Permission codes do not override that. So please be patient - as soon as the spring grade posts, your portal will allow you to enroll in the summer course.
  • Are you exceeding the maximum ‘repeat’?  You will need college adviser approval to retake a course if you are exceeding allowable repeats. Email your approval to 

Dropping Courses in Summer Session

  • YOU must officially drop your course in your MyUCSC portal by the deadline to avoid receiving an F or NP (No Pass) and being responsible for tuition and fees. Click here for step-by-step directions.
  • There are no automatic drops over summer.
    • Even if you never attend class - you need to drop yourself.
    • Even if you don't pay - you need to drop yourself.
    • If you are eligible for UC Financial Aid but decline it, you must still DROP your classes to avoid paying for them. 
  • Instructors do not drop students in the summer. There is no "Administrative Drop by Instructor" in summer; the deadline is firm. 
  • The Summer Session Staff cannot drop you from your classes either.
  • You must drop them using your Student Portal (

Failure to drop your course will result in billing you full tuition and fees. 

To Request a W from a Summer Course(es)

After the drop deadline has passed, you may withdraw from a class by filing a Request for "W" form. You cannot request a "W" in a class through your portal.

Please note:

  • There are no tuition refunds for a request for "W" - you are responsible for full tuition and campus fee. 
  • Once you submit your Request for "W" form, you cannot rescind it.
  • Request for "W" forms are not processed after the deadline specified in the Summer Session Calendar.
  • When you withdraw from a course, a (W) grade appears on your transcript. It will not be calculated in your GPA and cannot be removed. This may impact academic standing and may jeopardize your Financial Aid. Some graduate programs may not look favorably on W notations.
  • There are, however, times when withdrawing from a class is the right choice. Consult with an adviser at your college about the benefits and drawbacks of withdrawing from a course.

To Request a "W" Grade, we are now using DocuSign:

  1. You will be required to authenticate your form. An email will come to your UCSC email to complete the authentication process.
  2. Once we receive the form, Summer Session staff will withdraw you from your course within 3 business days. You will not receive another email, but you will see a (W) grade in your portal.

 w grade closed for 2020

Medical/Emergency Withdrawal

Continuing Students 
  • After the deadline, Request for "W" forms will only be considered for documented medical or other emergency reasons - contact an adviser at your college if you would like to pursue this option. Summer Session does not need to see medical or emergency documentation.

Visiting Students 

  • After the deadline, Request for "W" forms will only be considered for documented medical or other emergency reasons - contact if you would like to pursue this option. Do not send medical documentation in your request.