Adds, Drops, & Withdraw from Course

UCSC Summer Session differs from the regular academic year and other UC campuses. Read through the following policies regarding adding, dropping, and refunds carefully.


  • There is no credit minimum in summer.
  • There is a 15 credit maximum per session.
  • There is a 30 credit maximum for the entire summer.  

If you would like to exceed this maximum, you would need permission from your college adviser, who should email with the permission. 

Dropping Courses in Summer Session

  • YOU must officially drop your course by the deadline to avoid receiving an F or NP (No Pass) and being responsible for tuition and fees.
  • There are no automatic drops over summer
    • Even if you never attend class - you need to drop yourself
    • Even if you don't pay - you need to drop yourself
    • If you are eligible for UC Financial Aid but decline it, you must still DROP your classes to avoid for them. 
  • Instructors do not drop students in summer. There is no "Administrative Drop by Instructor" in summer; the deadline is firm. 
  • The Summer Session Staff cannot drop you from your classes either.
  • You must drop them using your Student Portal (

Failure to drop your course will result in billing you full tuition and fees. 

  • If you drop a course, a refund can be given based on the date on which the course is dropped, if you meet the deadlines.  
  • If you enroll and later drop all classes, you are charged a $50 nonrefundable cancellation fee. See refund policy.

Adding Courses in Summer Session

  • There is no "Add by Petition" in summer; the deadline is firm. 

To Request a W from a Summer Course(es)

After the drop deadline has passed, you may withdraw from a class by filing a Request for "W" form. Bring your Student ID to the Summer Session Office in 140 Hahn during our business hours M-F 9am-5pm, or email to ask for the Request for "W" electronically You cannot request a "W" in a class through your portal.

Please note:

  • There are no tuition refunds for a request for "W" - you will be responsible for full tuition and fees. Once you file your Request for "W" form, you cannot rescind.
  • Request for "W" forms are not accepted after the 5 pm deadline specified in the Summer Session Calendar, whether you come in person or email the completed form.
  • After the deadline, Request for "W" forms will only be considered for documented medical emergency reasons.  Once fall begins, UCSC students must work with their college advisers if they have medical reasons to request a late summer withdraw from a course.

While the W notation you receive will not be calculated in your GPA, it will appear on your official transcripts and may impact your academic progress. Some graduate programs may not look favorably on W notations. There are, however, times when withdrawing from a class is a very good choice. Consult with an adviser at your college about the benefits and drawbacks of withdrawing.

To Request a W Electronically

  • If you cannot make it to the office or need to withdraw from an online class, email and we will provide you with the necessary 1-page form and Request for W procedure.