Don’t wait for fall to get started - take your first classes at UC Santa Cruz this summer! 

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What is Summer Edge?

Summer Edge is an early start program for newly admitted students who want to take classes the summer before their first fall. 


Freshman and Transfer students who have been admitted for fall 2024 and completed their Statement of Intent to Register (SIR) through their MyUCSC Student Portal are eligible to register starting April 1.


You'll take a minimum of 7 credits in addition to your 1-credit Slug Orientation Course. Most summer classes are taught at an accelerated 5-week pace so, you can decide if you want to take classes the first 5 weeks or the last 5 weeks of the summer quarter (Session 1 or Session 2) or take a class in each session to spread out your workload over the full 10 weeks. You can:
  • Take classes to fulfill prerequisite, major, or General Education (GE) requirements ahead of most incoming students.
  • Complete an entire course series over summer (ex: Math 19A and Math 19B).
  • Take a class to explore a major or passion while still earning credits that count toward your degree.
"What motivated me to join Summer Edge was the opportunity to get a head start in school. I genuinely feared for my academic performance and for a long time doubted myself. Summer Edge showed me that I could succeed academically and truly enjoy college. I am super grateful for my experience at Merrill too and all the amazing friends I'll have now forever. Being able to wander and explore the campus environment was really helpful because I felt like a pro-navigator when fall started.” Maya Nelson (2023)

🏡 Edge Residential Experience in Session 2

Live on campus alongside dedicated Peer Mentors by enrolling in at least one Session 2 class. You'll explore your new home, take advantage of beneficial academic workshops, and start making friends through social programs on campus and in the surrounding Santa Cruz area.

Additional Benefits

  • Financial Aid is available to eligible students.
  • Get early access to student accounts and campus resources.
  • Build relationships with instructors before the rush of fall.

Next Steps:

Costs and Financial Aid