Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ is specifically designed for newly admitted students taking their first UC Santa Cruz courses the summer before their first fall quarter.

  • Registration

    Q: Do I have to register for Summer Edge if I want to take classes this summer?

    All newly admitted students who want to take classes this summer in addition to the mandatory 1-credit Slug Orientation Course must register for Summer Edge.

  • Course Enrollment

    Q: How do I choose my classes?

    We are here for you! We have quick instructional videos and course recommendations on our choosing classes page, a drop-in session with campus advising and individual support. Email

    Q: How many credits should I enroll in over the summer?

    You must enroll in a minimum of 7 credits for Summer Edge. All new admits will be enrolled in the mandatory 1-credit Slug Orientation Course regardless of participation in Summer Edge.

    Q: Can I take classes in any session?

    Yes! There are flexible options so that you can take classes in any session, however, if you want to join the Edge Residential Experience, you must be enrolled in at least one class in Session 2. 

    Q: Can you recommend a 2-credit course?

    Yes! We recommend the 2-credit academic success course for Transfer Students in Session 1 or Session 2 (Kresge 25: Successful Transfer to the Research University) or Freshman in Session 2 in-person (Stevenson 26 - Navigating the Research University).

    Q: Can I take a Session 1 class and still come to campus for the Edge Residential Experience

    Yes! Make sure to enroll in at least one of your classes in Session 2 to be eligible to live on campus for the Edge Residential Experience.

    Q: I’m a newly admitted student, can I just take online classes?

    Yes, newly admitted students can choose to just take classes online, and not participate in the Edge Residential Experience or come to campus by choosing classes offered online in Class Search. 

  • Costs & Financial Aid

    Q: Is financial aid available in summer?

    Yes! Because summer is the 4th quarter of the previous school year, students applying for aid must submit a FAFSA or Dream Application for the 2023-2024 year in addition to the application for the 2024-2025 year submitted for financial aid starting in fall. Transfer students and students who already have last year's application on file should make an update to add the UCSC school Code 001321. Find out more about eligibility requirements by visiting the Financial Aid website.

    Q: I submitted the two FAFSA or Dream Applications required for summer aid and fall aid, and I would like to see how much aid is offered before enrolling in classes. Can I do this?

    No, you must enroll in the minimum number of credits for the summer AND have your aid applications on file with UCSC before the Financial Aid office can put together an aid offer. If your offer is not what you expected, or you decide to cancel Summer Edge, you have until the drop deadline for the session you are enrolled in to drop with a full tuition refund. 

    Q: I've enrolled in summer classes. When do I have to pay my tuition?

    You can start paying after charges post to your account. There are no Student Business Services payment plans available over the summer. You can pay at your own pace, but summer tuition and campus fee are due by August 12. Visit the Payments and Refunds page on our website to learn more.

  • Housing

    Q: I registered for Summer Edge and want to join the Edge Residential Experience - am I automatically assigned a room?

    No, you must submit a Summer Edge Housing Application in order to be assigned. This is in addition to the housing application you may have submitted for fall.

    Q: Should I be worried about getting an assignment for Summer Edge?

    There is plenty of housing for registered Summer Edge students. Keep in mind, however, that you are not guaranteed your first choice preference as there are limited rooms available for each room-type. The most common configuration is a large triple, so selecting this option may get you an assignment more quickly.

    Q: I applied for Family Student Housing for fall - will I get space for my family in Summer Edge Housing?

    No.  Family Student Housing is a separate on-campus community with apartments appropriate for families. Summer Edge Housing is only for students currently enrolled in summer classes. If you are waiting for Family Student Housing, please visit their website or email for questions.


    Q: I would like to join the Edge Residential Experience in Session 2, but I have classes in Session 1 and would also like to live on campus during that time. Can I do that?

    There are options for students who would like to live on campus with Summer Session before the Edge Residential Experience begins but it is important to understand the implications of moving in before the Edge move-in date. Peer Mentor on-campus support and programming take place in Session 2. Please contact to find out more.

    Q: Can I still live on campus if I decide not to take summer classes?

    No. You must be enrolled in more than the 1-credit Slug Orientation Course through Summer Edge in order to be eligible to live on campus.

    Q: I would like to live on campus for the Edge Residential Experience, but my Session 2 classes are online. What do I do?

    No problem! As long as you are enrolled in at least one class in Session 2 - online or in person - you are eligible to live on campus.

    Q: I would like to live on campus for the Edge Residential Experience in Session 2. Do I have to move out before fall move-in?

    If you have a housing assignment in Session 2 AND a housing assignment for fall, you can apply for summer-fall transitional housing through your student housing portal. With transitional housing, you can remain on campus and then move into your fall assignment through the early arrivals program instead of moving off of campus and returning. Visit the summer housing website for costs and additional details about transitional housing and early move in for fall.

    Q: I will be living on campus in Session 2 and I have a fall assignment but I will be going home during the break between summer and fall. Can I store my belongings on campus?

    There is no storage on campus for student belongings during the break, however, you can apply for transitional housing from summer to fall in your student housing portal. With transitional housing, you will have a room assignment and can come and go as you please. Visit the summer housing website for costs and additional details about transitional housing. You can also explore local storage options in Santa Cruz.

     Q: Can I have a car on campus this summer?

    Yes, over the Summer Session students are eligible for R Remote Permits. Visit the Transportation and Parking Services website for rates and applications.

  • Dining

    Q: I have Slug Points left and classes are going to end soon. Can I get a refund?

    No, Unused Slug Points will expire on the last day of the contract period. Slug Points are non-transferable, non-refundable, and do not carry over to the academic year. There may be opportunities to use remaining Slug Points to purchase items in bulk from select on-campus locations. Check with your RA or Peer Mentors for more information.

  • Cancellations

    Q: I registered, but my plans have changed and I would like to cancel. What should I do? 

    Submit a Cancellation Form to be removed from the Summer Edge program. If you have any questions about cancellation or how to complete the form, please email for guidance.

    Q: I withdrew my Statement of Intent to Register or was cancelled by admissions. Will this impact Financial Aid I received?

    Newly admitted students who withdraw their Statement of Intent to Register (SIR) or are cancelled for failing to meet their conditions of admission are no longer eligible for financial aid and will be billed back for any aid disbursed over the summer. 

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