Current UCSC Student

You are a current student if: 

  • You took classes at UCSC this spring, 2018


  • To enroll in summer classes: simply log on to and add summer classes to your cart like you would the rest of the year.
    • March 15 - Course details are available in Class Search 
    • May 1 - Enrollment opens for all students 
  • If you were enrolled at UCSC in Spring and did not apply to graduate, but do not see an option for summer enrollment, please contact us at (831) 459-5373 or
  • If you did not take classes this spring but have attended UCSC in the past and did not graduate, visit our former UCSC student page for next steps.


  • If you cannot attend a course you're enrolled in, you must drop yourself. Instructors do not drop students for non-attendance. If you are enrolled, you will be responsible for paying the tuition, unless you drop by the deadline
  • If you drop all courses before June 28, the campus fee will be refunded. It is non-refundable after that.
  • There is a non-refundable $50 cancellation fee if you drop all your summer classes. 

Dates & Deadlines

  • Check our calendar for session dates and deadlines. Don't miss an add, drop, or withdraw deadline over summer. 

Financial Aid

  • UCSC students eligible for Financial Aid should review the summer Financial Aid information and stop by the Financial Aid office located at Hahn 205.
  • The Financial Aid office is happy to help students figure out their summer aid options and review your summer package. 


  • Ambitious Summer Award - Students who complete 15 credits or more receive a $680 award towards tuition. 
  • Students must stay enrolled in 15 or more credits for the $680 discount. It is applied in August, after the end of all drop periods. 


  • Tuition for the 2018 Summer Session is $281 per credit, see our fees page for more details. 


  • Summer Session students have the option to live on campus
  • Room rates for Summer Session are discounted by 50% from the preceding academic year room rates. 

Summer Sticker

  • Your summer sticker is good ALL SUMMER regardless of which session(s) you're enrolled in! For example, even if you're just taking classes in session 1, your sticker still works throughout session 2.
  • Regardless of what session you are taking classes, you can pick up your sticker at the Summer Session office in Hahn 140 after June 25.