Summer Courses

2020 Remote Courses

2020 Accessing Remote Courses

  • Instructors typically do not email students until Friday (or weekend) before the first day of class. Check your UCSC email daily. To login, use your and your Gold password. 
  • All instructor communication and course information will go exclusively to your email.
  • Your remote class is hosted on Canvas*. You do not need to sign up for an account. Just login with your CruzID and Gold password at Again, most instructors do not “open” their Canvas course until the first day of class. If you add or drop a class, it can take 24-48 hours for the course to be added or removed from your Canvas account - it’s not immediate.
  • See Canvas Getting Started Student Guide if you have questions.
  • We recommend using your Chrome or Firefox browser (Safari tends to have the most issues). 
  • If you add a class after the start of the quarter, you are automatically added to Canvas, and that there is a link to Canvas in your MyUCSC portal. Once you are in Canvas, you will receive any notifications that the instructor sends out and you will see the course on your Canvas dashboard.
  • If you add or drop a remote class, it can take 24-48 hours for the course to be added or removed from your Canvas account. 
  • Your instructor will guide you on what, if any textbooks or supplies you will need for your class.

*unless you are taking MATH 19A, 19B, 23A which  are hosted here - / 

2020 Course Dates & Times

  • Visit Class Search to see course dates & times (just pull down the term to the year of interest)
  • If a course Day/Time is blank or listed as "TBD" it means that there are no set days/times. Students can often complete the remote portions of the course (readings, lectures, and quizzes) at any time. When days and times are listed, students are expected to attend class remotely. All times PST.

2019 & Past Summer Session Classes

  • All past summer classes found on Class Search (in term, be sure to select 2019 Summer Quarter)