Once you have been accepted to UC Santa Cruz, you don’t have to wait until the fall to begin your journey. Instead, you can get an edge on your education by taking classes this summer.

When you register for Summer Edge you'll get set up early to enroll in Summer Session courses. Choose to take a class for your major, General Education requirements or just something you’re passionate about. Most classes are accelerated 5-week courses and you’ll get full academic credit. You can also experience on-campus living with dedicated Peer Mentor support and exciting social and academic programming by choosing the Summer Edge Residential program option.

What is Summer Edge?

“Summer edge is one of the best decisions I’ve made. Coming in as a transfer student, I felt unprepared diving into courses at UCSC and just generally starting school. Summer edge was an amazing way for me to find my footing and get a head start on school. Because of summer edge, I am able to declare a double major in-time and am prepared and excited to start the year at UCSC!”

- Sydrah Al-Saegh (2021)

An opportunity to get started at UCSC before the rush of fall. As a new Slug, you’ll:

  • Take a required 2-credit course designed for new admits transitioning into University life and academics.
  • Take a 5-credit course (or more!) of your choice during the summer.
  • Have designated staff and Peer Mentor support.
  • Get 25% off of your summer tuition!

International students whose first language is not English also have the opportunity to take advanced academic writing in preparation for the expectations and workload of writing and research at UCSC.

Register & Complete Important Steps Before June 30

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