Summer Cancellation

First Year & Transfer Edge Students:

If you register for classes in addition to your mandatory Slug Orientation Course and then decide to drop those classes, please complete the following steps:

  • Email with your student ID number to confirm you will be dropping your classes so we can remove you from the Summer Edge Canvas course. Please keep in mind that you will lose the 25% discount for your 1-credit orientation course if you are not taking additional classes.

  • Drop Your Summer Courses
    • Make sure to drop them via your student portal. You MUST DROP YOURSELF by the drop deadline. Instructors do not drop students for not attending or not paying. After you drop courses, the tuition reversal will appear on your student portal. For more information on dropping courses, tuition refunds, and processes, visit the website. If you do not drop yourself, you will be responsible for the full tuition and fees, as well as the academic consequences, i.e., you will receive an F or NP.

  • Financial Aid: If you received summer Financial Aid and then drop your classes, that aid will be taken back and removed from your account.

  • Other Offices: Be sure to cancel with any other offices you may have contracted with for summer including UCSHIP (student health insurance if you did not waive), housing if you received on-campus housing, admissions if you are not attending UCSC in the fall.

Make sure you continue to check your account as late fees will accrue on any unpaid or unresolved fees.