Payment and Refunds

General Payment Account Information
  • Payments can be made by students at: My UCSC> My Account $ > UCSC eBill/ePay 

  • To authorize a Parent/Other payers who can then view your eBill/make payments, invite an "other payer/ create parent pin" at My UCSC > UCSC eBill/ePay 

  • Sign up for Direct Deposit to get faster refunds at My UCSC > My Account $ > Sign Up for Direct Deposit
  • Update your mailing address and email when you arrive AND when you leave, this is where refunds/ billing statements will be mailedMy UCSC > Student Center

  • Always check your MyUCSC page monthly (charges may be posted to your account at any time)

  • Late fees will be applied on any charge left after a due date of $5 or more

  • Housing and Miscellaneous fees may be due earlier (check your contracts) 

When can I pay?

  • There are three billing statements over Summer Session, which are on your portal. You can start paying any time after charges post to your account. If your account says "Future" it is likely because you enrolled between billing statements, but you can still make payments towards any charge on your account - with a due date or future due. Unbilled charges can be paid once they are posted in MyUCSC and have been passed to the UCSC eBill/ePay site as part of your Current Charges Due.
  • 2021 billing statements
    1. Billed May 27 - Due June 16
    2. Billed June 24 - Due July 21
    3. Billed July 27 - Due August 13 (final due date)
  • There are no Student Business Services payment plans available over the summer. You can pay at your own pace, but all charges are due by August 13.

Financial Aid Payments

  • Students eligible for financial aid will receive aid shortly before the session begins (if you enrolled by June 1, if you enrolled after it will be later). If you're in classes both sessions, it is split between the two. It will credit directly to your billing account, and any remaining tuition and fees can be paid using the payment options below.  
  • UCSC students - visit the Financial Aid Office drop-in Zoom for an estimate of your package.
  • Visitors - please contact the aid office at your home campus.

How can I pay?

Payments can be made by students at: My UCSC> My Account $ > UCSC eBill/ePay

  • eCheck/Credit Card Payments:  to make eCheck or credit card payments for your MyUCSC account,  log in to MyUCSC > My Account $ > UCSC eBill/ePay. More Info on using UCSC eBill/ePay is here.
  • To see your charges and due dates, and view your billing statements, log on to MyUCSC.  Click on the My Account $ tile. You will see your charges due by the due date. Click on the green 'arrow' to see the detail of the charges due. To view your billing statements, you can click on UCSC eBill/ePay or click on Billing Statements on the left.
  • International payments can be made online from any bank in any country using Flywire

Other Payment Methods:

  • See the Payment Options offered by Student Business Services (paying via mail is the only option that does not include any service charges). 

Third Party Billing:

  • To start your third party billing agreement you must submit authorization documentation from the sponsor to the Student Business Services (SBS) office. Documents can be submitted to When an agreement is accepted by SBS they will post a credit to the student account and then bill the sponsor directly.
What is refundable?
  • Registration Fee (for visiting & inactive students only) - No
  • Campus Fee - Yes, if dropped by the deadline (see Calendar)
  • Tuition - Yes, if dropped by the deadline (see Calendar)
  • Course materials fee (if applicable) - Yes, if dropped by the deadline (see Calendar)

Tuition refund for dropping courses before the drop deadline:

To start the refund process:
The course must be dropped entirely at before the drop deadline (see our Summer Academic Calendar for drop deadlines). Always verify your drop is successful before you log out (i.e., refresh your portal to be sure the class is gone).

  • An instructor will not drop you for nonattendance
  • UCSC will not drop you for nonpayment - you must drop yourself
  • If you have not yet paid, the appropriate tuition and fees are automatically removed from your portal. This can take 24 hours to refresh.
  • If you have paid, this process is not immediate. It can take time for refunds to process, the check to be mailed/delivered, etc. Refunds are processed by Student Business Services. Please review the Refund Information from Student Business Services.

Tuition refund for withdrawing from a course after the drop deadline:

Refund for Class Cancellation:

Summer Session classes are rarely canceled. If a class is canceled, every effort will be made to notify you beforehand, assist you in enrolling in a different class or issue you a full refund. You will not be penalized. 

    • Class cancellation policy requires a minimum number of students to enroll by May 31. Lower-division classes need 12 students enrolled; upper-division classes need eight students.
    • Be sure to check the Registrar's Class Search, your email account, and the student portal for updated information on course changes and cancellations.

$50 Registration Fee for visiting and inactive students:

  • The registration fee for setting up/activating your MyUCSC account is nonrefundable.