Payment and Refunds

The following message was posted in every active UCSC student MyUCSC Portal on your "To Do List" in April so students have the information before enrolling. 

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$50 Cancellation Fee:

  • A $50 cancellation fee will be posted to your MyUCSC account if you enrolled in summer courses at any time and then dropped your course load to 0 credits for the rest of Summer Session. This fee is nonrefundable.

Tuition refund for dropping courses before the drop deadline:

To start the refund process, the course must be dropped completely at before the drop deadline (see our Summer Academic Calendar for drop deadlines). Always verify your drop is successful before you log out (i.e., refresh your portal to be sure the class is gone).

  • You will not be dropped by a professor for nonattendance, or by UCSC for nonpayment - you must drop yourself.

  • If you have not yet paid, the appropriate tuition and fees are automatically removed from your portal. This can take 24 hours to refresh.
  • If you have paid, this process is not immediate. It can take time for refunds to process, the check to be mailed/delivered, and so on. You can call Student Business Services to ensure the process is underway - they may be able to give you an estimate.
    • eCheck payments will either be refunded by direct deposit or by check.  Checks will be made payable to the student and mailed to the mailing address found on
    • If a credit card was used, every effort will be made to refund back to that credit card. Due to timing issues, refunds are sometimes made via direct deposit or check.
    • If you drop ALL your summer courses a $50 Cancellation Fee will be charged to your account.

Tuition refund for withdrawing from a course after the drop deadline:

Refund for Class Cancellation:

Summer Session classes are rarely canceled. If a class is canceled, every effort will be made to notify you beforehand, assist you in enrolling in a different class or issue you a full refund. You will not be penalized. 

    • Class cancellation policy requires a minimum number of students enroll by May 31. Lower division classes need 12 students enrolled; upper division classes need eight students.
    • Be sure to check the Registrar's Class Search, your email account, and the student portal for updated information on course changes and cancellations.

Campus Fee Refund:

  • If you drop all classes before July 31 and you did not get your summer sticker, contact Summer Session to request a refund if you still see a Campus Fee in your portal.

$50 Registration Fee for visiting and inactive students:

  • The registration fee for setting up/activating your MyUCSC account is nonrefundable.

The following messages were accepted by every visiting student and inactive UCSC students in order to submit your registration. 

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