Welcome to Summer in Santa Cruz!

Registration is open Thursday, July 27 through Saturday, July 29 at 11:59 p.m. Register to be able to enroll in Session 2 classes. No exceptions made after the deadline.

As part of UCSC’s Summer Session, visiting students from across the country can choose from over 200 different classes across 30 departments including Introduction to 3D printing, Contemporary Social Theory, Interactive Video Game Design, Evolution and Ecology, and many more. Students earn UC transferrable credits in half the time of Fall/Winter/Spring quarter, and enjoy summer in Santa Cruz! 

You are a Visiting Student if you are:

If you were admitted to and attended UCSC in the past during a fall/winter/spring quarter, but did not graduate, follow the next steps on our former UCSC student page

Next Steps to Attend UC Santa Cruz Summer Session:

  1. Register (get your summer accounts activated)

  2. Choose your classes

  3. Apply for housing (optional)


  • Tuition is $273 per credit, see the Visiting Students section on our fees page for more details. 


  • If you complete 15 or more credits, we'll take $680 off! UCSC will discount your total tuition by $680 on August 10 if you complete 15+ credits over the full summer (in either or all sessions).
  • Last summer, 608 students completed 15 or more units and their average summer GPA was 3.09!


  • Summer Session students have the option to live on campus in Porter college, home to the iconic Porter Squiggle!
  • Room rates for Summer Session are discounted by 50% from the preceding academic year room rates. 
  • If you want to live off campus, check out the community rentals page, provided by UC Santa Cruz.

Financial Aid

  • Ask the campus you are transferring from if you have remaining aid for this summer to use here at UCSC.
  • If you are from another UC you are aid eligible, check with your home campus to receive your package.

Session 1 Important Dates

Registration Period April 1 - June 15

Enrollment Opens May 1

Session 1 Dates June 26-July 28

Add Deadline June 29

Drop Deadline July 3

Withdrawal Period July 4 - July 14

Session 2 Important Dates

Registration Period April 1 - June 15

Enrollment Opens May 1

Session 2 Dates July 31 - September 1

Add Deadline August 3

Drop Deadline August 7

Withdrawal Period August 8 - August 18

Check our calendar for more dates, including important deadlines for 8 and 10-week classes.