Tuition and Fees

Calculating Your Fees

UCSC Undergraduate Students

  • $0 – Registration Fee (no registering, just enroll like the rest of the year)
  • $283 - Campus Fee
  • $279 - 2019 Tuition per credit (the same for both in and out-of-state students)
  • Minus $680 off 15 credits or more - Ambitious Summer Award!

Per University Policy, if you enroll in Summer Session, then drop down to zero credits, you will be charged a $50 non-refundable cancellation fee, even if you drop before the deadline. Please see our Refund Policy for details.

Visiting Students  from other UC and other colleges and universities

  • $50 - Registration Fee
  • $283 - Campus Fee
  • $279 - 2019 Tuition per credit
  • Minus $680 off 15 credits or more - Ambitious Summer Award!

If you enroll in Summer Session, then drop down to zero credits at any time, you will be charged a $50 non-refundable cancellation fee. Please see our Refund Policy for details.

UCSC and Visiting Student Fee Table


Tuition with Campus Fee

2 $841
5 $1,678
7 $2,236
10 $3,073
12 $3,631
15 $4,468 $3,788
20 $5,863 $5,183
25 $7,258 $6,578
30 $8,653 $7,973

Cross-outs indicate total after the Ambitious Summer Award posts.  You will see the total tuition on your bill first, then on August 10, we will post a $680 discount if you are completing 15 credits or more.  Credits are added up  over the whole summer - courses can be taken in one session or over both/multiple sessions. 

Campus Fee

$283 is the 2018 rate, 2019 rate will vary slightly. Anyone who takes a Summer Session course (on-campus or online) is charged a campus fee as part of their tuition. The fee helps support a wide range of student services, including college and campus-wide student government, extracurricular programs and recreation facilities, campus child care, community and public service projects, Educational Opportunity Programs and scholarships, and free fair use of the local transit systems. 

Fee Information For:

Independent Studies (see your page for rates)

UCSC Faculty & Staff (see your page for rates)

Summer Academy Students (for fall admit students only - see your page for rates)

High School Students  (see your page for rates)

International University Students (see your page for rates)

What is refundable?

  • If you enroll, you're committing to all tuition and fees.  
  • If you "drop" a class on by the deadline, your tuition is refunded. Please see our Refund Policy and mark your calendars with these important deadlines

Per University Policy, if you "drop" all your classes, you will be charged a $50 non-refundable cancellation fee, even if you drop before classes begin. Please see our Refund Policy.

Type Amount Refundable?
Registration Fee (for visiting & inactive students only) $50 No
Cancellation Fee $50 No
Campus Fee $283 Yes, if dropped by deadline (see Calendar)
Tuition $279 per credit  Yes, if dropped by deadline (see Calendar)
Materials Fee (found in Class Search) Varies Yes, if dropped by deadline (see Calendar)

When can I pay?

  • There are three billing statements over Summer Session, which will be posted on your portal.
  • To see your charges and due dates and view your billing statements, log on to  Click on the My Account $ tile.  You will see your charges due by due date.  Click on the green 'arrow' to see the detail of the charges due.  To view your billing statements, you can click on UCSC eBill/ePay or click on Billing Statements on the left.
  • You may start paying any time after charges post to your account. If your account says "Future" it is likely because you enrolled between billing statements, and you will have to wait until the next billing statement to pay. 
  • Students eligible for financial aid will receive aid shortly before the session begins (if you enrolled by June 1). If you're in classes both sessions, it is split between the two. It will credit directly to your billing account, and any remaining tuition and fees can be paid using payment options below.  
  • UCSC students - visit our Financial Aid Office for an estimate of your package.
  • Visitors - please contact the aid office at your campus.

How can I pay?

Several ways to pay...

(a) Credit Card: (payments for tuition and housing only accepted from April 1 at 12:00 AM to September 30 at 11:59 PM)

  • You may use a credit card to pay charges for Summer Session. Use the housing option to pay summer room and board charges only. For all other summer charges: registration, campus fees, course fees (aka tuition) use the summer session tuition option. You cannot use the credit card option to pay for Late Fees or any other type of Miscellaneous charge. 

  • The vendor charges a non-refundable convenience fee of 2% of the total fees paid by credit card.

  • The credit card option is not available for fall tuition/fees or the Masters in Education program.

pay by credit card button

(b) eCheck:

  • eCheck payments make a payment from your checking/savings account – like writing a check (using your routing and account numbers). 
  • UCSC/SBS echeck payment: make an eCheck payment via our standard UCSC eBill/ePay link in
  • Sign on to> My Account $ > UCSC eBill/ePay
  • International payments can be made online from any bank in any country using Flywire

(c) Cash/Check/Money Order:

  • Pay in person with cash/check/cashier's check/money order at the Cashier's Office in 102 Hahn.
  • Pay by mail: send payable to UC Regents to:
    • Cashiers Office – 102 Hahn, UCSC, 1156 High Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95064
    • Be sure to include your student ID on the ‘memo’ line 

To authorize a Parent/Other payer who can then view your eBill/make payments, invite them while on the UCSC eBill/ePay site.  See our SBS website for more information/instructions (

General Payment Reminders

  • Update your mailing address if needed (and email) when you arrive AND when you leave, this is where refunds/ billing statements will be mailed
  • Always check your MyUCSC page monthly (charges may be posted to your account at any time)
  • Late fees will be applied on any charge left after a due date of $5 or more
  • Housing and Miscellaneous fees may be due earlier (check your contracts)