Costs & Financial Aid

Financial Aid

 Summer Edge 2023 Information Coming Soon!

Financial aid is available for eligible students. For more information on how to apply, eligibility requirements, and grant estimates for Summer Edge, visit: 

Note: Receiving Edge aid funding does not decrease your four-year aid eligibility. To speak with the Financial Aid Office, visit their Zoom Drop-In Advising .

Calculating Your Tuition and Fees

Individual costs can vary based on the courses you take. These estimates are for a 5-week, 7-credit program and do not include the non-refundable $50 registration fee. See our chart below for the adjusted tuition costs when adding more credits. 

Type of Expense


Tuition for 7 Credits $1,464.75 ($279 per credit with 25% discount reflected)
Campus Fee $321.90
Housing & Dining $2,927 (estimate for a double room)
Total ~$4,714

UC SHIP Health Insurance 

The University of California Regents mandates that all students be covered by a health insurance plan. Because it is required, all Edge students are automatically enrolled in and charged for UC SHIP unless they submit an online insurance waiver by July 4 (late waiver deadline w/fee of July 14) confirming acceptable health insurance coverage. Visit the UCSC Student Health Insurance website or email for waiver information and expanded rates. 


New fall admits can use their GI Bill for the preceding summer if the courses fulfill their degree requirements. Contact the UCSC VA Certifying Official at for more information.

Adding Additional Credits

If you take more than one five-credit course, your tuition will increase. 

Table A: Cost per credit
Number of Credits

Edge Tuition (with 25% discount) + Campus Fee

7 (Financial Aid Minimum) $1786.65
8 $1995.90
9 $2,205.15
10 $2,414.40
11 $2,623.65
12 $2,832.90
13 $3,042.15
14 $3,251.40
15  $3,460.65

Payment and Refunds

You do not have to pay before your courses start. You can begin paying any time after charges post to your account until the final deadline of August 11. 

Electronic payments (eCheck, Credit Card, or 529 Savings Plan online payments) are the safest and most convenient way to pay your balance. Online payments through UCSC eBill/ePay are posted to your student account within one business day.  

Students eligible for financial aid will receive aid shortly before the session begins (if you enrolled by June 1, if you enrolled after, it will be later). It will credit directly to your billing account, and any remaining tuition and fees can be paid using the payment options here.