Peer Mentors

peer mentor photoSummer Edge Peer Mentors are role models and peer advisors and will be your go-to for all questions related to being a student at UCSC.

Here to support your transition to academic and campus life at UCSC, Peer Mentors are second, third, and fourth-year UCSC students who are experienced leaders on campus, and some have gone through Summer Edge themselves!

They are passionate about working with students and will be available to provide guidance on anything related to academics, UCSC resources, navigating the campus, college life, and the ins and outs of Santa Cruz.

Peer Mentors live on campus as part of the Edge Residential Experience in Session 2 and organize a ton of fun in-person social and academic programs designed to help our newly admitted Slugs make friends and learn useful skills like Note-Taking and Time Management at a research-level university.

Meet your 2024 Peer Mentors! 

    Emily Higadera (She/Her)

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    Major: Global and Community Health

    My name is Emily and I'm a first-year Global and Community Health major. I started at UCSC as a Freshman and quickly got involved on campus and completed the Summer Edge program myself. I love to spend time lying down at the east field reading with my friends as well as trying all the foods Santa Cruz has to offer. I love to read - Ask me about it!

    Favorite Spot on Campus: East field

  • Michi Perea (She/Her and They/Them)

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    Major: Sociology

    Hello :)
    I'm Michi one of the Peer Mentors for Summer Edge. I'm a rising junior majoring in sociology, and I am a first-generation student that came to UCSC as a frosh. I've been exploring the forest, visiting downtown, and going to the natural bridges since I moved to UC Santa Cruz. I heartily recommend going to see the natural bridges. There is a butterfly route there! Feel free to ask me anything regarding CARE or DH as I have experience working in both the dining hall and CARE (Center for Advocacy, Resources, & Empowerment). I'm excited to get connected with you throughout the summer!

    Favorite Spot on Campus: There's a swing on a tree in front of the EOP office. Favorite spot to keep my mind quiet.

  • Kaylee Morales (She/Her)

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    Major: Computer Science and Game Design

    Hi guys! My name is Kaylee(she/her) and I am a third-year Computer Science and Game Design major. I started at UCSC as a freshman. I also have other jobs on campus like Merrill Market and the Merrill Programs office. I spend most of my time gaming in my apartment and rewatching How I Met Your Mother. I am also involved with EOP, Indie GameDev Coalition, and EMSlugs. Come and talk to me about fortnite skins!

    Favorite Spot on Campus: Science and engineering library! It has amazing views of the trees and is a perfect place to study with friends.

  • Nash Pari-Candoa (She/Her)

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    Major: Environmental Studies and Politics/LALS double major

    Hii I'm Nash, this upcoming summer I would be a second year EOP student in Environmental Studies and Politics/LALS double major. I'm born and raised in San Francisco. I'm in about 12 different organizations that split into 5 different categories including student government, environmental, latino socials, social justice, and education. If any of these interest you, feel more than welcome to ask me about it! I love to go shopping, make crafts, pet cats, and go to aquariums in my free time.

    Favorite Spot on Campus: The swing near the ARC Center or the farm.

  • Vivian Sanchez (She/Her)

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    Major: Biotechnology

    Hi! My name is Vivian Sánchez and I am a first year Biotechnology + Global Health major. I am in the Bioinformatics club, as well as I am a first generation Latina from San Diego. I quickly fell in love with this campus and I love spending my Sunday's downtown at Verve cafe!. My favorite local shops are New Leaf and Go Ask Alice. I look forward to being your peer mentor and helping you throughout your academic career! xo

    Favorite Spot on Campus: Oake cafe

  • Marian Torres (She/Her)

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    Major: Biology

    My name is Marian and I'm a second year Biology major. I love hiking and I'm studying to become a veterinarian. I am a sister of Kappa Gamma Delta, UCSC's only pre-health sorority. I am also involved in UCSC's filipino cultural organization, Bayanihan, and Apisa, the Asian/Pacific Islander Student Alliance. I'm so excited to meet and grow alongside you, so don't hesitate to reach out!

    Favorite Spot on Campus: McHenry Library

  • Madeleine Trujillo (She/Her)

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    Major: Psychology

    Hi all! My name is Maddie and I'm a 2nd year Oakes affiliate. I'm majoring in Psychology and minoring in Education. In my spare time I love to go to concerts, watch reality TV, and hangout with my friends! I work as a Community Assistant and a Student Life Office Assistant at Oakes, so if you have any questions about working on campus or just anything in general, please feel free to reach out!! I love cats and the color red, tacos are definitely my favorite food, and Oakes Path is easily my favorite spot on campus. I can't wait to meet you all!

    Favorite Spot on Campus: Oakes Path

  • Alike Arslanian (She/Her)

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    Major: Psychology

    Hi! My name is Alik and I'm a second year psychology major. I've been at UCSC since my freshman year and could not love it more! I love to spend time at the beach and walk along West Cliff to take in the view. My favorite spot on campus could have to been the knoll near the Stevenson garden, where I go to do homework and sunbathe!

    Favorite Spot on Campus: The knoll, near the Stevenson garden