Courses By GE Code

Here is a list of courses for the 2018 Summer quarter listed by the GE that they cover. Click [show] for each GE to see all available courses.

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Session 1:

AMS 5-01 Statistics

AMS 7-01 Statistical Methods for the Biological, Environmental, & Health Sciences

AMS 131-01 Introduction to Probability Theory

ECON 113-01 Introduction to Econometrics

PSYC 2 Introduction to Psychological Statistics


PHYS 133 Intermediate Laboratory

Session 2:

AMS 5-02 Statistics

AMS 7-02 Statistical Methods For The Biological, Environmental, and Health Sciences

AMS 131-02 Introduction to Probability Theory

CMMU 30 Numbers for Social Justice

CMPE 107 Probability and Statistics for Engineers

ECON 113-02 Introduction to Econometrics

PHIL 8 Reason, Logic, and the Idols of Thought

SOCY 3B Statistical Methods

TA [show]

Session 1:

HIS 13 Introduction to American Religious Culture

LIT 61F Introduction to Reading Fiction: Melville's Epic Moby-Dick

LIT 121K Radical Moderns/Poetry International

POLI 20 American Politics

PRTR 151F Writing the Future: Science Fiction

STEV 36 Women in the Bible


STEV 35 Critical Thinking & Skepticism

Session 2:

HIS 139E Santa Cruz History: 1770-Present

HISC 130 Marxist Theory in Latin America

LING 80K Invented Languages (online)

LIT 102 Translation Theory

LIT 111D William Shakespeare: Shakespeare's Poetry

LIT 120J Contemporary American Poetry: Power and Politics in 21st Century American Poetry

LIT 163A American Indian Literature

MATH 181 History of Mathematics

PHIL 11 Introduction to Philosophy (online)

POLI 4 Citizenship and Action

Special Session: July 15-July 21

LIT 112C Charles Dickens: Little Dorrit