2022 Courses By General Education Code

Here is a list of courses for the 2022 Summer quarter listed by the General Education Code that they cover. Click [show] for each GE to see all available courses. To see which GEs you still need to fulfill, go to MyUCSC, click on the My Academics tile, then click on the Advisement Report on the left.  

CC [show]

Session 1:

ANTH 130S Ethnography of Russia and Eastern Europe (Global Seminar)

HAVC 188M Visual Culture of Memory

LIT 160J Exile, Diaspora, Migration

MUSC 11D Introduction to World Music

SPAN 5M Medical Spanish

Session 2:

ANTH 2 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

CRSN 80G/ECE 80G Creating and Financing a Sustainable Startup in the Global Economy

FILM 132B International Cinema, 1960 to Present

HIS 140E Women in China's Long 20th Century

LGST/ POLI 116 Comparative Law 

LGST/ POLI 158 Law and Politics of Memory

LING 132 California Englishes

LIT 141G Granada: The Moor’s Last Sigh and the Muslim Frontier, The City in the Mediterranean Imagination (Global Seminar)

LIT 160J Exile, Diaspora, Migration

SOCY 15 World Society


PHIL 22 Introduction to Ethical Theory

ER [show]

Session 1:

CRES 188S Topics in Settler Colonial Critique, Complicating Settler Colonialism: Migration, Race, and Place

EDUC 181 Race, Class, and Culture in Education

FMST 145 Racial and Gender Formations in the United States

HAVC 118Art of the Contemporary African Diaspora

HIS 10B United States History, 1877 to 1977

HIS 134A Colonial Mexico

HISC 103 The Problem of California 

LALS 1 Introduction to Latin American and Latino Studies

LING 131 Spanglish: Language and Identities through Contact

MUSC 80F Music in Latin American Culture: Regional Traditions

MUSC 81C Global Popular Music

SOCY 128I/LGST 128I Race and Law

Session 2:

ANTH 130I Cultures of India 

CRES 10 Critical Race and Ethnic Studies: An Introduction

EDUC 60 Schooling, Democracy, and Justice

EDUC 128 Immigrants and Education

HIS 10A United States History 1877

LALS 45 Intersections of Race, Class, & Gender

MUSC 80P Popular Music in the United States

SOCY 170 Ethnicity and Race

SOCY 178Z Disability and Society

IM [show]

Session 1:

CMMU 20 Media And Social Movements 

DANM 147 Intro to Queer Game Studies

FILM 136D Documentary Film and Video 

MUSC 11A Introduction to Western Classical Music

MUSC 81L Music in Animated Film

STEV 80G Self and Society Through Film

THEA 20-01 Introductory Studies in Acting

Session 2:

CMPM 80K Foundations of Video Game Design

HAVC 141I Be Here Now: Art, Land, Space

HIS 39E Monsters, Media, and the History of the Supernatural in Modern Japan

LALS 75 Art and Social Change in Latin America: Diego Rivera

MUSC 80V The Music of the Beatles

THEA 10 Introduction to Theater Design and Technology

THEA 20-02 Introductory Studies in Acting

MF [show]

Session 1:

AM 10 Mathematical Methods for Engineers I

MATH 3-01 Precalculus 

MATH 11A-01 Calculus with Applications

MATH 11B-01 Calculus with Applications

MATH 19A-01 Calculus for Science, Engineering, and Mathematics

MATH 19B-01 Calculus for Science, Engineering, and Mathematics

MATH 21-01 Linear Algebra

MATH 22 Introduction to Calculus of Several Variables

MATH 23A-01 Vector Calculus

MATH 23B-01 Vector Calculus

MATH 100-01 Introduction to Proof and Problem Solving


CSE 16 Applied Discrete Mathematics

CSE 20 Beginning Programming in Python

Session 2:

AM 20 Mathematical Methods for Engineers II

ASTR 2 Overview of the Universe

MATH 3-02 Precalculus 

MATH 11B-02 Calculus with Applications

MATH 19A-02 Calculus for Science, Engineering, and Mathematics

MATH 19B-02 Calculus for Science, Engineering, and Mathematics

MATH 21-02 Linear Algebra

MATH 23A-02 Vector Calculus

MATH 23B-02 Vector Calculus

MATH 100-02 Introduction to Proof and Problem Solving


PHIL 9 Introduction to Logic

PE-E [show]


BIOE 125 Ecosystems of California

Session 2:

ANTH 110I Culture of Sustainability and Social Justice 

ENVS 25 Environmental Policy & Economics

ESCI 30 Biological Principles of Environmental Sciences

HAVC 141P Networks and Natures: Art, Technology, and the Nonhuman 

HIS 39D Floods, Epidemics, and Famine: Environmental History of the Early Modern Atlantic World


BIOE 126 Biology of Large Marine Vertebrates

HIS 101F Global Environmental History

PE-H [show]

Session 1:

ANTH 161S - Anthropology of Food (Global Seminar)

ECON 1 Introductory Microeconomics: Resource Allocation and Market Structure

ECON 2 Introductory Macroeconomics: Aggregate Economic Activity

PSYC 1 Introduction to Psychology

SOCY 136 Social Psychology 

Session 2:

ARTG 80I Foundations of Play

CMMU 10 Introduction to Community Activism

ECON 1 Introductory Microeconomics: Resource Allocation and Market Structure

ECON 2 Introductory Macroeconomics: Aggregate Economic Activity

ECON 20 Economics for Non-Majors

PSYC 1 Introduction to Psychology

PE-T [show]

Session 1:

LING 133 Language OnLine (LOL): Communication in the digital era

Session 2:

BME 80G Bioethics in the 21st Century: Science, Business, and Society (also listed as PHIL 80G)

FILM 80V Video Games as Visual Culture 

HIS 139G Herbs, Potions, and Viruses: History of Medicine and Public Health in Modern China

SOCY 115 Introduction to Sound Studies

PR-C [show]

Session 1:

ART 20G Introduction to Printmaking and Drawing

ART 20K Introduction to New Media and Digital Artmaking

ART 135 Digital Painting

CRWN 98 Podcasting: Digital Storytelling

DANM 148 Intro to Game Prototyping

ENVS 18-01 Natural History Illustration

FILM 20P Introduction to Production Technique 

FILM 150 Screenwriting

FILM 170A Fundamentals of Digital Media Production

KRSG 65W-01 Creative Writing (2 credit)

LIT 179C Methods and Materials

MUSC 5A West Javanese Gamelan Ensemble (2 credit)

MUSC 58 Songwriting Craft and Practice

MUSC 73 Music and the Ocean

PRTR 41I Improvisation

PRTR 145R Hamlet to Hamilton: Performing Rhythm and Rhyme in the Twenty-first Century

THEA 14 Drawing

Session 2:

ART 20J Introduction to Drawing and Painting

ART 20L Introduction to Drawing

ART 106O 2D Animation

ART 132 Figure Painting

ART 161C Tradition and Innovation: Relief Printmaking in Korea (Global Seminar)

ARTG 91 Introduction to Game Art Production

ENVS 18-02 Natural History Illustration

KRSG 65W-02 Creative Writing (2 credit)

PRTR 141W Improvisation Workshop

THEA 30 Introduction to Dance Theory and Technique

Special Session:

(August 1-19) ART 155 Photo Field Research Quarter, California Road Trip


DANM 146 Game Design in Participatory Performance


ARTG 132 3D Character Rigging and Animation for Video Games

PR-E [show]

Session 1:

KRSG 60C Prison Narratives (3 credits)

HIS 60 Medical and Scientific Terminology 

PSYC 182 Qualitative Research Methods 


CRWN 90 Start-up Entrepreneurship Academy (SEA)

PR-S [show]


BIOE 142L Animal Behavior in the Wild

COWL 174 Global Leadership (Virtual Global Internship)

CRWN 95 GetVirtual Business Assistance


CMMU 105A Full Time Field Study

CMMU 105B Full Time Field Study

CMMU 105C Full Time Field Study

LGST 185 Legal Studies Internship/Field Seminar: Experiences in Law, Policy, and Society

STEV 27 Service Learning (2 credit)

SI [show]

Session 1:

ANTH 1 Introduction to Biological Anthropology

BIOE 136 Environmental Physiology

CHEM 1A General Chemistry

EART 3 Geology of National Parks

LING 50-01 Introduction to Linguistics

OCEA 1 The Oceans

OCEA 80A Life in the Sea

Session 2:

ANTH 3 Introduction to Archaeology

CHEM 1A General Chemistry

EART 5 California Geology


HIS 101D World History of Science 

PHYS 5C Introduction to Physics III 

SR [show]

Session 1:

LALS 15-01 Truth, Justice, and Statistics

PSYC 2-01 Introduction to Psychological Statistics

STAT 05 Statistics

STAT 131-01 Introduction to Probability Theory

Session 2:

CMMU 30 Numbers for Social Justice

ECON 113-02 Introduction to Econometrics

HIS 59 History of the English Language 

LALS 15-02 Truth, Justice, and Statistics

OCEA 90 Fundamentals of Climate

PSYC 2-02 Introduction to Psychological Statistics

STAT 7- Statistical Methods For The Biological, Environmental, and Health Sciences

STAT 131-02 Statistics Introduction to Probability Theory


ECON 113-01 Introduction to Econometrics

PHYS 133 Intermediate Laboratory

TA [show]

Session 1:

ANTH 100 History and Theory of Biological Anthropology

HISC 80W What is Imperialism?

HIS 100 Historical Skills and Methods

LING 80K Invented Languages, from Elvish to Esperanto 

LIT 61F Introduction to Reading Fiction

LIT 102 Translation Theory

LIT 131D Literature in a Global Context

MERR 60 Fake News: Its History and Why We Need Critical Media Literacy

PSYC 140H Sexual Identity and Society


HISC 80S War and the Media

Session 2:

CRWN 80F Science Fictions

LALS 79 Hip Hop History

LALS 79S Historia Hip Hop (taught in Spanish)

LALS 151 Race & Mobility

LING 80K Invented Languages, from Elvish to Esperanto 

LIT 80I Topics in American Culture

LIT 111D William Shakespeare

LIT 112C Charles Dickens

MATH 181 History of Mathematics


PHIL 11 Introduction to Philosophy

American History and Institutions Requirement [show]

Session 1:

EDUC 164 Urban Education

HIS 10A United States History 1877

HIS 10B United States History, 1877 to 1977