Courses By GE Code

Here is a list of courses for the 2019 Summer quarter listed by the GE that they cover. Click [show] for each GE to see all available courses.

CC [show]

Session 1:

POLI 65 Introduction to International Relations

SPAN 5M Medical Spanish

Session 2:

ANTH 2 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

HIS 70B Modern European History, 1815-present

LGST 116 Comparative Law (online)

PHIL 22 Ethical Theory: Life is Strange

SOCY 15 World Society

C2 [show]


WRIT 2-01 Rhetoric and Inquiry

WRIT 2-02 Rhetoric and Inquiry 

ER [show]

Session 1:

EDUC 181 Race, Class, and Culture in Education

ENVS 147 Environmental Inequality/Environmental Justice

HIS 10B United States History 1877 to 1977 

HIS 134A Colonial Mexico

LALS 1 Introduction to Latin American and Latino Studies

Session 2:

CRES 10 Critical Race and Ethnic Studies: An Introduction

EDUC 140 Language, Diversity, And Learning

HIS 10A United States History to 1877

HAVC 127F The Politics of Exclusion: Asian American Visual Culture (online)

IM [show]

Session 1:

CMPM 80K Foundations of Video Game Design

LIT 155L Vampire Film

THEA 20 Introductory Studies in Acting

Session 2:

FILM 136B History of Television

HISC 80-O Understanding Popular Music

STEV 80G Self and Society Through Film

THEA 10 Introduction to Theater Design and Technology

THEA 20 Introductory Studies in Acting

MF [show]

Session 1:

AMS 10 Mathematical Methods for Engineers I

LING 53 Semantics I

LING 101 Phonology I

MATH 3-01 Precalculus

MATH 11A Calculus with Applications

MATH 19A Calculus for Science, Engineering, and Mathematics (online)

MATH 19B Calculus for Science, Engineering, and Mathematics (online)

MATH 21-01 Linear Algebra

MATH 22 Introduction to Calculus of Several Variables

MATH 23A-01 Vector Calculus (online)

MATH 100-01 Introduction to Proof and Problem Solving


CMPE 16 Applied Discrete Mathematics

CMPS 12B Introduction to Data Structures

PHYS 6A Introductory Physics I


PHIL 9 Introduction to Logic (online)

Session 2:

AMS 20 Mathematical Methods for Engineers II

ECON 11B Mathematical Methods for Economists II

MATH 3-02 Precalculus

MATH 11B Calculus with Applications

MATH 19A Calculus for Science, Engineering, and Mathematics (online)

MATH 19B Calculus for Science, Engineering, and Mathematics (online)

MATH 21-02 Linear Algebra

MATH 23A-02 Vector Calculus (online)

MATH 23B Vector Calculus

MATH 100-02 Introduction to Proof and Problem Solving

PE-E [show]

Session 1:

ANTH 110I Cultures of Sustainability and Social Justice (online)

LALS 80P Environment and Society in Latin America


BIOE 125 Ecosystems of California (online) [also listed as ENVS 125]

ENVS 125 Ecosystems of California (online) [also listed as BIOE 125]

Session 2:

ENVS 25 Environmental Policy & Economics

ENVS 65 Introduction to Fresh Water: Processes and Policy (online)

HAVC 142 Contemporary Art and Ecology

OCEA 80B Our Changing Planet

SOCY 173X Water and Sanitation Justice (online)

PE-H [show]

Session 1:

ECON 1 Introductory Microeconomics: Resource Allocation and Market Structure

MUSC 80-O Music, Politics, and Protest

PSYC 1 Introduction to Psychology

Session 2:

ARTG 80I Foundations of Play

ECON 2 Introductory Macroeconomics: Aggregate Economic Activity


PE-T [show]

Session 1:

ART 80T Digital Tools for Contemporary Art Practice (online)

HIS 60 Medical and Scientific Terminology (online)

Session 2:

BME 80G Bioethics in the 21st Century: Science, Business, and Society (also listed as PHIL 80G)

FILM 189 Advanced Topics in Digital and Electronic Media Studies

LIT 61U Introduction to Speculative Fiction (online)

PR-C [show]

Session 1:

ART 20L Introduction to Drawing and Painting (online)

ART 26 Introduction to Printmaking

ART 105-01 3-D Printing, Laser Cutting and More (also listed as DANM 140)

DANM 140-01 3-D Printing, Laser Cutting and More (also listed as ART 105)

ENVS 18 Natural History Illustration

FILM 150 Screenwriting

FILM 170A Fundamentals of Digital Media Production

KRSG 65W Creative Writing (2 credit)

MUSC 5A-01 West Javanese Gamelan Ensemble: Beginning (2 credit)

PRTR 41I Improvisation

THEA 14 Drawing for the Theater

Session 2:

ART 20J Introduction to Drawing and Painting

ART 105-02 3-D Printing, Laser Cutting and More (also listed as DANM 140)

ART 132 Figure Painting

DANM 140-02 3-D Printing, Laser Cutting and More (also listed as ART 105)

FILM 20P Introduction to Production Technique

PRTR 141W Improvisation Workshop

MUSC 55 Rhythms of North India

THEA 30 Introduction to Dance Theory and Technique

THEA 37 African Dance

Special Session (June 24 - July 8):

LIT 179C Methods and Materials

PR-E [show]


CRWN 90 Start-up Entrepreneurship Academy (SEA)


ARTG 120 Game Design Experience

CMPM 120 Game Development Experience

Session 2:

BIOL 102L Toxic RNA Laboratory I

PR-S [show]

Session 1:

KRSG 12A Service Learning (3 credit)

KRSG 12B Service Learning (2 credit)

KRSG 63 Kresge Garden Cooperative (2 credit)


CMMU 105A Full Time Field Study

CMMU 105B Full Time Field Study

CMMU 105C Full Time Field Study

STEV 27 Service Learning (online)

SI [show]

Session 1:

ANTH 1 Introduction to Biological Anthropology

CHEM 1A General Chemistry

EART 3 Geology of National Parks (online)

HIS 101D Topics in the World History of Science (online)

OCEA 1 The Oceans


PHYS 5C Introduction to Physics III

PHYS 6C Introductory Physics III

Session 2:

ANTH 3 Introduction to Archaeology

EART 11 Earthquakes (online)

LING 50 Introduction to Linguistics

METX 80E Aquatic Toxicology

SR [show]

Session 1:

AMS 5-01 Statistics

AMS 7-01 Statistical Methods for the Biological, Environmental, & Health Sciences

ECON 113-01 Introduction to Econometrics

OCEA 90 Fundamentals of Climate


PHYS 133 Intermediate Laboratory

Session 2:

AMS 5-02 Statistics

AMS 7-02 Statistical Methods For The Biological, Environmental, and Health Sciences

AMS 131 Introduction to Probability Theory

CMMU 30 Numbers for Social Justice

ECON 113-02 Introduction to Econometrics

PSYC 2 Introduction to Psychological Statistics

TA [show]

Session 1:

CRWN 80F Science Fictions

HIS 100 Historical Skills and Methods

LIT 80I Topics in American Culture: Shakespeare in America

LIT 155L Vampire Film

THEA 61C The Birth of the Modern: Drama and Performance After the Renaissance

Session 2:

LING 80K  Invented Languages, from Elvish to Esperanto (online)

LIT 102 Translation Theory

LIT 111D William Shakespeare: Shakespeare's Poetry

PHIL 11 Introduction to Philosophy (online)

POLI 4 Citizenship and Action

POLI 20 American Politics

Special Session: July 14-July 20

LIT 112C Charles Dickens: Barnaby Rudge  

American History and Institutions Requirement [show]

Session 1:

EDUC 164 Urban Education

HIS 10B United States History, 1877 to 1977

Session 2:

HIS 10A United States History to 1877

POLI 20 American Politics

POLI 120A Congress, President, and the Court in American Politics (Also offered as Legal Studies 120A. Students cannot receive credit for both courses.)