Summer Stories

Students choose to take Summer Session for so many reasons. Here are a few of the 2022 stories! We hope you find some inspiration and maybe a tip or two for next summer!   

    Cora Ethier

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    I took classes in Summer Session this year because I am planning to graduate in 3 years and needed to take some classes that are prerequisites for my upper division classes. Taking WRIT 2 and PSYC 100 over the summer has allowed me to start taking upper division psychology classes in the fall of my second year here at UCSC, keeping me on track to graduate early.

  • Jesus Medina

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    I wanted to get ahead and experience Santa Cruz in the summer.

    I had all asynchronous classes online so it really determined how I managed my time. Juggling 2 classes while working full time was a bit difficult but it was such a great learning experience. Summer in Santa Cruz is much different then the school year. Definitely doing this again next year! You should too!

  • Walker Kirchman

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    Tip: Building schedules makes things so much easier and since you only have five weeks the sooner you can build one the better.

    One thing I learned is that even if you only have a class that meets twice a week, set an alarm to go off at the same time on the weekdays whether or not you have class as it messes up your sleep if you wake up early some weekdays and sleep in others.

  • Abbie Tafolla-Alonso

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    I wanted to get ahead in my courses this summer. My summer experience was great and I will definitely take more summer classes next year.

    To manage a five-week class it is necessary to plan out your daily schedule and give yourself breaks because you are taking a 10 week class in just 5 weeks.

  • Penelope Kirby

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    I wanted to continue being ahead at school and I love the fast pace :) It helped because I didnt get major credit in one class so getting that extra time to stay caught up with my major was helpful.

    Tip: Stay on top of your Canvas so that if you want to have a summer and do classes you can schedule and organize with Canvas.

  • Natalie Hunter

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    I just transferred from community college and wanted to start my UCSC experience ASAP. By taking summer classes, I was able to get a feel for the campus and my peers. I also got to get a head start on classes required for my major. 

    Tip: Time management is crucial! It’s really easy to get behind since summer courses are so short.