2019 Student Stories

Hundreds of students took our 2019 Summer Survey. Here are a few things we learned! 

  • What made you decide to take Summer Session? 

    “I decided to take Summer Session to advance my course requirements to have more class options during the rest of the year.”
     “Smaller class sizes and taking one upper division class over the summer allows me to focus on the fundamentals of the class and ace it.”
    “I find summer session to be very convenient because although it is fast passed allows me to get classes done in a shorter period of time and in smaller classes.”
    "I changed my major last minute and needed to jump in on the new courses required for my new major."
  • What was your favorite Santa Cruz summer experience? 

    “I just love the campus vibe during the summer. It's much more chill and level-headed, and it allows me to think better about my classes and personal life.”

    “Spending hours in the print studio just making art and being with people who love it just as much as me."

    “My favorite experience was meeting my roommates, I never pictured myself living in a quintuple, but I am glad I am because I was able to meet some of my new best friends whom I can go to for anything.”

  • Share your favorite in-class moment from this summer.

    “My professor asking for my name and remembering it!”

    “Class is super interesting and way more engaging discussions since it's a small class. “

    “My best in-class moment is being in classes that are not super crowded because my professor actually knows I exist.  Also, I am thankful for webcast over summer. The lectures can get super dense, and I want to rehear.”

  • What has been your biggest challenge, frustration or problem during Summer Session?

    “Being able to balance studying with the greater amount of free time that I have at the moment.”

    “Making sure to stay on top of my work. The 5-week classes was a little more work than I was prepared for”

    “Trying to time my schedule with the busses since they run less frequently during the summer”

    “Five weeks is a long time, and at one point I did feel burnt out and annoyed at everyone. I learned that it's okay to take time for yourself and no matter how much time is left in the program, me time is always required. Balance yourself. “

    “My biggest challenge has been getting adjusted to five-week courses because I am used to 10-week so it is a different kind of time management but it is doable. “