Summer Stories

Students choose to take Summer Session for so many reasons. Here are a few of the 2022 stories! We hope you find some inspiration and maybe a tip or two for next summer!   

    Alexa Rodríguez-González

  • No alternative text I am taking the three-year pathway, which is why I decided on taking summer classes. I’m amazed by how there’s a variety of different fun classes that I’ve been able to sign up for. Whether it’s due to a great interest towards the subject or simply to fulfill a general education requirement, I’m glad that the classes were offered in different settings (in-person, asynchronous, synchronous, etc.). I loved these options considering I’ve also had to balance work and life at home.


  • Fernando Mejia

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    I was motivated to take summer classes to fill major requirements!

    Tip: Stay on top of your summer classes because a skipped lecture can hurt you very quick!

  • Karina Diaz Alvarez

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    As a double major, I have a lot of classes to complete and I enjoy being able to take a little bit of the load off of the general school year by taking some classes over the summer.

    Tip: Summer classes are a really great way to get ahead in your degree, but it’s also important to take it easy during the summer break. I would recommend to take max two classes per session because every summer class is structured to assign twice the work per week and it can pile up very, very quickly.

  • Kenneth Ng

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    I ended up going to study abroad in Morocco for the Summer and I really enjoyed my time here in a completely new culture!

    If you are taking Summer Session in the future, make sure you space your time out wisely. Along with that, if you want to study abroad in the summer, don't hesitate to take that opportunity! You won't regret it!

  • Gabriel Mijares

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    What motivates me for summer is just getting ahead and using summer courses as a way to graduate early and get research opportunities as early as possible.

    Tip: Managing a five-week course is difficult, but it’s doable. What I do is I use Google Calendar to plan out my day-to-day life and see what work I need to finish and when I can study since I also worked during the summer.

  • Andrea Guzman

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    As an Intensive Psychology Major & Theater Arts Minor I have a multitude of classes to take in order to stay on track for graduation. Summer Session has provided me with the opportunity to enroll in essential classes during a long break such as summer. I highly recommend enrolling in Summer Session classes if you are looking to enroll in a class you haven’t quite got the opportunity to enroll in during the regular Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters. Summer Session is an investment and it might be the one for you depending on your needs. Good Luck Slugs! ♡

  • Julie Khou

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    I was motivated to take summer classes to explore classes outside my major at a time when I didn’t have much to do! Take advantage of the beautiful beaches and hikes around Santa Cruz between your classes! Definitely helps!