Independent and Field Studies

2024 Independent Study Forms


  • Independent studies are considered 10-week sessions. 
  • Coursework can be completed anytime within the 10-week session (for example, if the department has a shorter length independent study).
  • Add deadlines for field studies may follow the timeline of the hosting department. The Summer Session Office will enroll students when their forms are submitted with needed signatures.

Costs: $279 per credit, plus the $341.90 one-time campus fee.

Fees Table:


Tuition w/Campus Fee

2 $899.90
3 $1,178.90
5 $1,736.90
6 $2,015.90
7 $2,2294.90
10 $3,131.90
12 $3,689.90 $3,131.90
14 $4,247.90 $3,131.90
15 $4,526.90 $3,131.90

Cross-outs indicate the total after Pay for 10 Program.


  • Add deadlines for field studies may follow the timeline of the hosting department. 

If you’re interested in:

  • Psychology Field Study Program for summer or want to enroll in a PSYC independent study course, email
  • Economics Field Studies program, follow the instructions on this site.
  • BSOE students should use their specific form below.
  • ENVS Internship Program Summer 2024, follow the instructions on this site.

How: We use DocuSign to Enroll

  1. Click on the link below for General UGrad. You will be required to authenticate the form and use your UCSC credentials to log into DocuSign.
  2. Fill out the form with all the necessary information. Click Finish
  3. Send an email to with the names and email addresses of your Faculty Sponsor and your Department Chair/Provost/Dean, or Designee.
  4. The Summer Session will route the petition to your faculty sponsor, then your Department Chair, Provost, Dean, or Designee to e-sign.
  5. Once they have e-signed, Summer Session staff will enroll you within three business days (after May 1). All parties will receive an email with the completed form and you will see the enrollment in your portal.

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Undergraduate independent studies are for current UCSC students. If you have any questions, contact your course sponsoring department.

Visit the Graduate Division page for Graduate Independent Studies.