UCSC Staff or Faculty

You are a staff or faculty if you are: 

  • A career staff employee who has worked 6 months or more and completed probation
  • A faculty and non-senate academic appointee who has worked at least 50% time for 6 months or more
  • A former University employee who has retired within four months of the date of separation from University service 

Take classes at half price! UCSC staff and faculty get a 50% discount on summer per-credit tuition to encourage staff to pursue professional and personal development. Staff are not eligible for the Pay for Only 10 program.

You do not need to be in a degree-seeking matriculated program to take Summer Session.

Staff and Faculty Campus Fee Waiver

  • We remove the Campus Fee from Staff and Faculty accounts. You pay the $50 registration fee, half-price of the per-credit tuition, and, if applicable, any material fees found in some arts and labs. When your bill is accurate in your portal, then pay your tuition.

  • The discount is for those eligible for the Reduced Fee Program during the academic year. Eligible courses do not include high-demand or full sections that UCSC students need. (but very few summer classes fill/close)

There are no audits or OLLI in Summer Session. Discount not applicable to student workers.

Next Steps

  1. Register as a visiting student (open April 1)
  2. Check out the summer courses to find what appeals to you. 
  3. Starting March 15, visit Class Search for course details, including days/times that work for your schedule. 
  4. Enroll starting May 2 at 9.m. Contact summer@ucsc.edu if you have any questions. 


  • $50 Registration Fee 
  • $139.50 - Summer tuition per credit (reflects 50% faculty and staff discount)

# credits


2 $279
5 $697.50
7 $976.50
10 $1,395
12 $1,674
15 $2,092.50

Don't hesitate to contact our office, so we know you are staff and faculty, and we can double-check your bill is accurate. Or if you have any questions, of course!