Visiting Student Registration

Visiting student registration open April 1 - June 15.

Even if you took summer classes at UC Santa Cruz last year, all visiting students must register annually to enroll in courses.

First Step:
  • Submit your online registration (April 1 - June 15) and pay the non-refundable $50 registration fee. We only start processing your form after payment is complete. Your registration is not done until you pay.
    • If you have ever attended UCSC, please include your ID number.  If you are a visiting student, you may not have a UCSC ID number. If you are from another UC, provide your home campus ID to transfer your transcript(s) at the end of the summer. 
  • The registration process is not immediate and involves multiple offices - we estimate it will take three business days to complete. 
  • When processing is complete, you will receive an email with your UCSC ID number, your CruzID, and access to set up your passwords so you're able to log into your MyUCSC portal and add classes.

Next Step:

  • Set up your UC Santa Cruz specific email account. 
    • To access, sign in with Google, for your sign-in email, use the CruzID from your activation email (example:, and for your password, use the Gold password you created when you set up your MyUCSC account. 
    • Instructions are also in your original account activation email and at   

Continue to Check Your UCSC Gmail:

  • Google powers the UCSC Email system. All faculty, staff, and students have an individual UCSC Google Gmail account (
  • All official UC and UCSC communication uses your email address.
  • All instructors will contact you via your UCSC email