Visiting Student Course Enrollment

Guidance on selecting courses:

Math Preparation Assessment

Timely preparation can help you get your UCSC experience off to a great start. UCSC uses the online preparation and placement system ALEKS to assess students' current math skills and knowledge. Accurate assessment will help you enroll in a UCSC math course that will be challenging, but not overwhelming.

Steps to Enroll:

Once you have successfully completed all steps to register, it can take 5-10 business days to set up your accounts.  You will receive an e-mail with your student ID number and CruzID and instructions to set up your passwords. Then you can log on to your MyUCSC Student Portal where you can enroll in classes (just for this summer). 

Step 1: Browse courses under Summer 2017 in Class Search

Step 2: Add courses to your shopping cart.

Step 3: Finish the steps to enroll via My Student Center on your MyUCSC portal. If you have questions, follow these directions on how to enroll in a course.

If you want to take courses with prerequisites and have completed the prerequisites, you may need to show proof to the instructor for their approval.  If it's unclear in class notes, feel free to contact us at for guidance.  Include the course number and name in your message.

Please Remember:

  • If you cannot attend a course you're enrolled in, you MUST DROP yourself. Instructors do not drop students for not attending or not paying. If you do not drop yourself from a course you will be responsible for paying the tuition for it.
  • There is a non-refundable $50 cancellation fee if you enroll at any time but decide to drop them all. 
  • Instructors use your UCSC Gmail. All official UC and UCSC communication is e-mailed to the address.

Session 1

Registration April 1 - June 15

Enrollment opens May 1

Session 1 Dates June 26 - July 28

Add Deadline June 29

Drop Deadline July 3

Withdrawal Period July 4 - July 14

Session 2

Registration April 1 - June 15

Enrollment opens May 1

Session 2 Dates July 31 - September 1

Add Deadline August 3

Drop Deadline August 7

Withdrawal Period August 8 - August 18 

Check our calendar for more dates, including important deadlines for 8 and 10-week classes.