Course Materials (readers, textbooks, and desk copies)

Ordering Course Materials (textbooks)

Visit and log in with your CruzID. Click on your summer course and add the materials you would like students to have for class. 

Even if your course does not require any materials, or if you use OER for your class, please log in and indicate this in the portal. It will display the information to students, and it will make it clear that course materials are not required or are at no cost to the student.

It takes 3-5 business days for students to receive materials, so early submission of course material information allows for the most affordable options for students, and a better chance of having stock available on time, so students have what they need on the first day of class.

If you are new to making your course material adoptions, The Bay Tree Campus Store Course Material Website has several resources available to help you here. You can also contact The Bay Tree Campus Store at or call 831-459-1333 if you have any questions or need assistance.

McHenry Library/Reserve Requests


  • Though physical reserves collections are not accessible as long as the library buildings are closed, they are working to find and purchase institutional ebook options for your students and adding them to Course Reserve lists for simple and easy discovery.
  • If you would like us to look into purchasing institutional ebook options for your course-required texts, submit a Reserves Book request form

Streaming Media

  • The Library is also working to support streaming film requests for instruction whenever possible. 
  • Submit a Media Reserves request form for streaming media requests. 

Please limit streaming video requests to films that are required for a summer class. In your request, include the date when access would first be needed for required viewing. This will help ensure that the library is able to meet your class needs. 

On-Campus Classes:

  • You can bring a copy of your appointment letter to the circulation desk and they will issue you a library card for the duration of the Summer Session. 
  • Please submit your reserves request three weeks before classes begin to allow sufficient time to process materials, and to purchase titles not owned by the library. You can also submit your requests in person at either library, using their printable form or by picking up a form at the Circulation Desk.

Desk Copies

Publishers require instructors to order their desk copies.


  • Visit your textbook's website to request a free desk copy.

  • Policies on ordering multiple desk copies vary across publishers.

If you need more copies than the publisher is willing to provide, email during April and May. Perhaps we can purchase a copy for you if for example your course is co-taught.


  • You can ship desk copies to our office to have us deliver them to your office or department or hold them until you can pick them up.

Summer Session
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Santa Cruz, CA 95064

Course Reader (custom textbook)

A course reader can include:

  • lab manuals

  • lecture notes

  • answer keys

  • a course syllabus

  • a reading list and schedule

  • additional reading materials (such as reprints of copyright text or illustrations, or original, unpublished text or illustrations).  

If you need more than 50 copies per student for your course, create a course reader instead.


  • The UCSC Copy Center offers complete textbook production services, including copyright clearance, preparation of customers documents for reproduction, custom binding, distribution of custom textbooks to students through the Bay Tree Bookstore, and payments of royalties to copyright holders. You can also refer to the “Making Copies” page on our website for more information.

Deadline for Printing:

  • Session 1, 8-wk and 10-wk courses - May 23

  • Session 2 courses - July 5