Hiring TAs and Readers

Teaching Assistants (TAs)


  • Summer Session sums all enrollments per departments, divides by 44, then allocates that number of TAs.  The departments select their TAs, place them in classes, and we hire and pay them.  
  • Requests for TAs should be made to your Department Manager.
  • TAs can work a total of 2 TAships (200 hours max) per summer. 
  • TAs are appointed $3,129 for 100 hours for a 5-credit course.


  • 5/31: Enrollment reports are pulled
  • 6/1:  Number of TAs allocated to the department
  • 6/8: TA allocations due back for all summer classes
  • AHR sends appointment letters as quickly as possible.  Due back before class begins.
  • See Department and Divisional from 2012-present for reference.

TA Mandatory Activities

Reading required texts for class Attending class
Preparing for section or lab Teaching section or lab
Holding office hours Cleaning up lab
Evaluating student work

TA Optional Activities

Preparing Assignments Consulting with instructor
Running course-related errands (such as photocopying) Previewing films
Interviewing guest speakers Grading exams

Resource: See the Graduate Division's
TA Handbook for more information.


After TAs are assigned, courses without a TA that have 25+ students can request a Reader.  Readers are hired to read papers and grade homework/examinations.


  • After TAs are assigned, courses 25+ students unsupported by a TA can request a Reader.  They can be selected by the instructor teaching the course, or by the department/college sponsoring the course.
  • Readers are hired to read papers and grade homework/examinations.
  • An instructor cannot also serve as a Reader for their class.
  • There are no timesheets.  Determine how much (exactly) the reader will work - submit that to Summer Session (100 hours max, 40-60 hours is typical).  
  • Pay rate $15.78 per hour.


  • 6/11 - We send call for reader request to eligible courses' instructors

  • 6/18 - Reader request due back for all summer classes

  • We do not have a pool of hired readers like departments do.  We cannot hire last-minute - each reader is hired individually so we need their contracts before the course begins.