Guest Speakers or Model Payments

Summer Session can provide $100 honoraria payments to guest lecturers if the following steps are completed. Up to three lectures per session. 

Step 1

Step 2
Prior to Engagement:

  1. In order to receive a payment from UCSC, all speakers must fill out the Payee Setup Form 204 (see link for form). This form should be submitted prior to their speaking engagement.

  2. When a person fills out the Payee Setup (204) form, please make sure each section is filled out. A great feature of the new Payee Setup (204) form is that when you click the radio button on the upper left-hand corner, all the sections that do not need to be filled out will gray out. If the Payee Setup (204) is not filled out completely or is unreadable, a hold can be placed on the person’s record in the database, which will result in delaying the payment processing.

  3. Saving the form to your desktop inactivates the wonderful gray out feature. Having people type the form online will speed up the payment process.

  4. The second page is to set up direct deposit so payment goes straight into a bank account, which is the fastest means of payment.

  5. If someone has already (ever) received a payment from UCSC, then they already have a Form 204 on file.  It only needs to be done once.

Step 3
Reimbursement Paperwork:

  • After the speaking engagement, Summer Session can request the honorarium.  After your speaker attends your class, email a PDF of the Direct Pay Form with Section 1 and Section 3 completed. In Section 4, select Honorarium from the drop-down box. Section 6 can be left blank. Send to  Or you can send hard copies via campus mail stop: Summer Session.

Step 4

  • Then Summer Session Staff will complete the remaining sections and submit for payment.

Required Forms Available on the Financial Affairs website:

Travel Arrangements

  • Visitors and guest speakers should make their own travel arrangements to UC Santa Cruz. Submit the Summer Purchasing Request Form if you would like to request guest parking passes for their visit.  Please give us plenty of lead time during our busiest season.

UCSC employees and family members are not eligible for honoraria as guest speakers due to conflict of interest regulations.