Making Copies

Copies can be made two ways:

  1. UCSC Copy Center

Location: Baskin Engineering 25
Process:  Email your documents as pdfs to Include the number of copies, cut/collate/holes, etc.  Include your course name and where you need the copies delivered. Copies will be billed to Summer Session directly.

  1. Copier Program Codes

Location: Various - View or download full list of locations (coming in spring)
Process:  Use the copy code emailed to you by our office. If you need again, email with your exact course number and section (ie ECON 197-02). 
Summer Session tracks copied by division (not by the instructor). This helps with our budget and paperwork tremendously. 50 copies max per student, please.  If you need more, you can create a course reader for students to purchase.

If you have additional questions about functionality, please contact