Course Scheduling (location, days and times, and sections)

  • February: Instructor availability and location needs will be collected.
  • March: Scheduling.
  • April: All room locations, days/times, and details in Schedule of Classes starting April 1.
  • May: Find course enrollment in real time in Schedule of Classes starting May 1.

We will try our best to schedule your course in the optimal time-slot and location.  Due to construction, availability with conferences, and enrollment size, your course may be assigned to a different room than you requested.

  • Five credit courses require a minimum of 35 contact hours
  • Two credit courses require a minimum of 15 contact hours
  • If you require meetings beyond the scheduled time, we must indicate this in the Schedule of Classes.
  • If you offer optional trips or activities, include it in your syllabus and refer to the “purchases for courses or field trips” section of our website.

Please contact Nicole Madrigal in Summer Session ( if additional rooms/spaces need to be reserved or with any related questions.