Permission Codes

Summer Session manages all the permission codes in summer.  We distribute permission codes based on each course's needs and requirements.  Since we have full-time staff all summer, we are happy to manage this process.

With 250 classes and lots of issues like prereqs, holds on students accounts, non-UCSC visitors, time conflicts, overriding restrictions, accuracy of billing, and much more, it is dire that we manage the enrollment issues here in our office.

If students can't add a class:

  • This often reveals bigger or more complex issues, like time conflicts, unmet prerequisites, financial holds, inactive student status, and/or expired prerequisites.
  • They may be ineligible to take a class due to uncompleted prereqs, holds on their account, etc. which requires investigation and collaboration with other offices.
  • Prerequisites may have been completed elsewhere. If so, we need to get transcripts and work with advisers to verify them. 

Please forward messages and students to Include your approval, if that is part of the issue.