Enrollment, Rosters, & Dropping Students

Checking Enrollment:

  • You can check your enrollment in Class Search at any time. Class search is always up to date. You can see how many students are in any classes, seats remaining, etc. - no need to call the Summer Session office to check enrollment.

Class Roster:

  • Using the Academic Information System (AIS), you may view rosters any time after enrollment opens May 1. Rosters include students’ names, years, majors, Colleges, and email addresses.  See FAQs for Faculty: Class Rosters on the Registrar website.

All students attending your course are officially registered. If they have not registered, they are not allowed to attend your class nor petition for credit at a later date.

Enrollment Limits: 

We have aligned the summer enrollment limits (seat cap) procedure with that of fall, winter, spring. The full policy is available here.  

Adding and Dropping Students:

In classes that are full, students can join the waitlist.

Summer Session does NOT:

  • contact students as seats open
  • add students to closed classes
  • add students to a closed class because the instructor asks
  • override prereqs for UCSC students
  • late add or petition to late add
  • drop for non-attendance
  • drop for non-payment
  • refund for withdrawals

Instructions on how to administratively drop a student from your class or waitlist are found on the Registrar FAQ.

Please know our calendar, save the dates in your personal calendar, share it with students, add these to your syllabi - especially drop and withdraw deadlines.