Enrollment, Rosters, & Dropping Students

Checking Enrollment:

  • After enrollment opens on May 1, you can check your enrollment in Class Search at any time. Class search is always up to date. You can see how many students are in any classes, seats remaining, etc.

Class Roster:

  • Using the Academic Information System (AIS), you may view rosters any time after enrollment opens May 1. Rosters include students’ names, years, majors, Colleges, and email addresses.  See FAQs for Faculty: Class Rosters on the Registrar website.
  • All students attending your course are officially registered. If they have not registered, they should not be attending after the Session add deadline. There are no audits over the Summer Session. 

Enrollment Limits: 

We have aligned the summer enrollment limits (seat cap) procedure with that of fall, winter, spring. The full policy is available here.  

Instructor Drops:

  • Beginning on the first day of instruction through the add deadline, the primary instructor may administratively drop students directly from the primary class roster. For example, if they have not attended class. 
  • To drop students from your class, check the box next to each student to be dropped, and select the Drop Selected Students button at the bottom of this roster. You will have an opportunity to confirm your selection before the drop is processed. If you would like to drop students who are wait-listed for your class, select Waiting from the Enrollment Status drop-down menu above.
  • Additional instructions on how to administratively drop a student from your class or waitlist are found on the Registrar FAQ.
The Registrar will drop UCSC students who didn’t pass Spring or Session 1 prerequisites. They will continue to run this process to catch any grades entered after the deadline.

Instructor Adds:

  • Until the first day of class, Summer Session enrollment is first come, first served. Any student that needs a class should be on the waitlist.
  • Beginning the first day of instruction: course-sponsoring agencies can request that our office “zero out” waitlist enrollment capacity and distribute permission numbers to students on the waitlist (enrollment waitlist policy).
  • Please let us know if you would like to turn off your waitlist, and then as students drop and seats open up, you can distribute permission numbers to the student(s) you choose (instead of them being automatically added by waitlist position). Those students can then add until the session deadline.
  • We will send this message to the students on the waitlist before we turn it off, encouraging them to contact you (or, if you prefer, the department). In this case, we can issue you the permission numbers, or you can forward selected students to enroll. 

Full Courses:

  • In classes that are full, students can join the waitlist.
  • If you would prefer that we increase your enrollment capacity, email summer@ucsc.edu