Summer Session Enrollment Requests

If your summer course has PREREQS or RESTRICTIONS, this is how we manage enrollment requests, your action items, and options.
When a student contacts you requesting permission to enroll:
  • If you wish to approve, forward their email to, noting that you approve their request - we will provide them a permission number and enrollment support.

  • If you would like to see their transcripts or proof of prerequisite material before making a decision, please request that directly from the student.

  • If you decline their request, please tell them.
If you want no involvement with this process, forward all requests to We can work with your department.
If there are prerequisites and/or restrictions for your course, students will need to know "how to ask for an exception."  Please review the 'Class Notes' for your course - and let our office know if you have edits/additions.

Enrollment opens for all students on MAY 1, so you'll see requests increase in April and May. 

Again, we are here to any/all support enrollment issues (serving as Registrar's role), so feel free to forward to