Faculty and Lecturer Pay (rates, dates and paychecks)

Quick Links: Guide to Summer Payment Resources and FAQs

Receiving Paychecks

Instructors who are employed for the full academic year will receive their payment the same way (direct deposit or paper check) as they normally would during the year.

Instructors who are new or have had a break in service may receive a paper check sent via USPS to the last noted mailing address on file in UCPath. Instructors are encouraged to enroll in direct deposit as soon as their appointment begins, however, direct deposit is not guaranteed. Please note, it takes 1-2 pay cycles for direct deposit to become active. Given that Summer Session only has two scheduled pay dates, depending on your appointment pay date, direct deposit may not activate in time for processing. 

Please visit your UCPath Self-Service portal and confirm your choices:

  • Employee Actions > Income & Taxes > Direct Deposit
  • Employee Actions > Personal Information > Home and Mailing Address

If you are working here only for Summer Session:

  • Direct deposit is the fastest, most secure way to receive your paycheck. More information about direct deposit can be found on the Payroll Department’s website.
  • If you choose not to receive direct deposit, your paycheck will be delivered to your home address via the US Postal Service and may arrive 5-7 days after payday.

Payment Dates

  • Session 1 instructors - full pay August 1
  • Session 2 instructors - full pay September 1
  • 8wk - half August 1, half September 1
  • 10wk - half August 1, half September 1

During the summer, students who are U.S. citizens, Permanent Resident Aliens, and Resident Alien (for tax purposes), are not exempt from DCP Safe Harbor and Medicare Deductions. For more information regarding Safe Harbor and Medicare deduction, please visit the Career Center website, General Employment Information.

If you have questions about your paycheck deductions, dependents you claimed, retirement, etc., please contact Payroll at payhelp@ucsc.edu or 831-459-2488. Summer Session staff are unable to answer payroll-related questions.

Summer Salary

Senate and Non-Senate Faculty, Lecturers, and other Instructors


  • Salary is calculated per course
  • Instructors' rate is 1/9 (11.11%) of annual salary as of June 30 of the calendar year in which Summer Session begins
  • Instructors may teach more than 1 course - paychecks will reflect the sum of the courses’ salaries
  • Summer quarter teaching load maximum is 15 credits total
  • Term teaching load maximum is 10 credits per 5-week term
  • Co-taught courses pay each instructor half of their per-course rate

Summer Session teaching compensation remains based upon the annual salary rate in effect as of June 30 of the calendar year in which the Summer Session begins. If an Instructor does not have an established UCSC annual salary rate, a standard rate will be applied.

If a department finds that the instructor’s experience is appropriate for a higher level salary, it can provide Summer Session a different rate for AHR to use. Contact the Academic Human Resources Office in the Division of Undergraduate Education for more information on summer salary rates and policies.

Instructors Teaching Courses under 5 Credits

Summer Session offers very few courses less than 5 credits, including a small number of 3, 2, and 1 credit classes and labs. Compensation for courses under 5 credits will be proportionate to the number of credits offered. The following annual rates* will be applied based on the number of credits offered:

  • 4 credit - 8.88%
  • 3 credit - 6.66%
  • 2 credit - 4.44%
  • 1 credit - 2.22%

*These rates are pre-tax.

This change aligns Summer Session practices with other UC Summer Sessions and helps manage our instructional budget allocation.

Summer Session courses that are less than five credits will be prorated at a rate of 2.22% times the number of course credits.  If you think that this calculation results in too low a workload rate (and associated salary rate) for a particular course/lab/section based on the assigned and/or expected duties and responsibilities of the instructor of record, a request for an exception may be submitted in writing to the Vice Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Education and Global Engagement, routed through the Director of Summer Session (summer@ucsc.edu).  This request must come from the course-sponsoring unit (department or college) and include a rationale detailing why the course/lab/section warrants a higher salary (e.g. large summer enrollment, extensive course preparation, outreach, or curriculum development, etc.).  Also, include the number of credits that you think should be used to calculate the corresponding compensation rate. For each summer, these are due along with the Call for Courses: the Wednesday before Thanksgiving closure. 


  • Summer Session cannot process personal reimbursements. 

Parking passes, bus passes, and gym passes