Lecture Capture Service

The new Lecture Capture service (formerly named webcast) is now available in 54 scheduled general assignment classrooms. This service records what the projector is displaying along with the audio from the instructor’s microphone. There is an option to also include the feed from a camera that is pointed at the front of the room. Lecture Capture recording should be scheduled at least one hour before class time.

Schedule the Service (for Instructors Only)

  • Courses are captured only with the permission of the course instructor. You must specifically request Lecture Capture be scheduled for your class. Schedule Lecture Capture
  • Lecture Capture files are only available during the quarter of the course's instruction.
  • The service records lectures and presentations and makes the recordings available for viewing online. The service does not live-stream. Recordings are available only to the students and instructors enrolled in each class. Online viewing requires:
    • A broadband Internet connection
    • A compatible platform (Windows or Mac)
    • A compatible browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari)
    • Access to YuJa, either directly or through Canvas
  • Lecture Capture uses the YuJa Media Management system to store and share recordings. Learn more about YuJa Media Management

Recording of Students

Instructors should advise students when recording is happening. Notify students that they can pose their questions after class or during office hours if they don't want their voices recorded. It is important to advise the students in advance that the recordings are occurring and that they have an alternative means to allow for questions. With these notifications, they should have a reduced expectation of privacy.

If you have questions about Lecture Capture, create an online request ticket or email help@ucsc.edu