Course Release

Course Release

Divisions or departments that assign summer teaching as part of the duties and compensation of a senate faculty member or fiscal year lecturer appointment will receive a course release from Summer Session provided that the course:

Meets the established summer quarter enrollment thresholds

  • If a course is canceled for not meeting enrollment on the census date, Summer Session will not provide the course release back to the department/division. 
  • Departments will have the option of continuing to offer and staff the course without receipt of course release funding.

In this case, the division or department will:

  • Receive a standard or BEE course release amount, as appropriate to the faculty member, from Summer Session in lieu of additional faculty compensation. 

The faculty member will:

  • Not receive an additional summer salary from Summer Session for their teaching of the course 
  • Not receive an appointment letter through Summer Session as their home division’s appointment will cover this assignment.

The course will otherwise be treated like other summer courses with respect to enrollments in support of the department's summer TA allocation and enrollment incentives

As with compensated courses, the course release amount is prorated to units of credit and does not vary by course enrollment.