Instructor Attendance Policy

Contact Hours

It is expected that you will teach all classes during the session as scheduled. The scheduled class times are set to meet the minimum contact hours required for the number of academic credits associated with the course.

  • Five credit courses require a minimum of 35 contact hours
  • Two credit courses require a minimum of 15 contact hours

If you accept a Summer Session position as instructor of record, please do not plan other activities that would preclude you from teaching all of your scheduled classes, such as attending a conference or workshop.

In 2023 the Independence Day holiday falls on Tuesday, July 4. Please see our Loss of Hours Due to Holidays section for recommendations.


In the event you must miss any of the scheduled class time, you are responsible for making up the missed time in order to meet the minimum contact hours noted above; in doing so, you must ensure that all enrolled students can attend.

  • If an absence is unavoidable (e.g., illness, jury duty), you must contact Summer Session (Monica Parikh, Director:, as quickly as possible and regardless of the expected duration of your absence.
  • You must keep Summer Session apprised of all absences and related coverage plans. Depending upon the circumstances and duration of your absence, additional documentation may be required from you. In the event you will miss multiple classes, other arrangements may need to be made in consultation with the sponsoring department.

After receiving your absence notification, Summer Session will take responsibility for informing all enrolled students that a class session will be canceled (using email and by posting a notification on the classroom door).