Annual Timeline (2020-2021)

October 10/14: Call for Courses sent

11/25: Call for Courses due to Summer Session
(including online and Faculty-Led Study Abroad programs)  

TBA: Call for online courses due 


11/30 - 12/11: Summer Session in communication with departments and colleges, curriculum design and development


  • Curriculum finalized, posted, sent campus-wide


  • Prerequisites & Restrictions information collected
  • Departments and Colleges - add summer courses to their sites and documents
  • Promote Summer Session in your winter classes and advising meetings! 

1/4: New courses and course revisions due for CCI review

1/29: GSI Packets (CCI, via CARS online form)


2/1: Instructor availability collected; scheduling begins


  • New Lecturer Compliance Information (Summer Session doc)
3/1-5: AHR sends Faculty and Lecturer appointment letters by email

3/8-12: AHR sends GSI appointment letters by email (*pending CCI approval)

3/15: Summer term becomes active in Schedule of Classes

3/19: Responses accepting terms of appointment due back (or two weeks after receipt of letter)

  • Scheduling courses and mandatory (enrollment required) discussion sections with instructors
  • Instructors attached to course in AIS: faculty attached if active, lecturers attached after compliance received, GSI attached after CCI approval
  • Promote Summer Session in spring classes and advising meetings! 
  • Registration opens for visitors, inactive UCSC students, fall admits, staff, etc. to activate the summer enrollment option
  • Information sessions providing students extensive info on summer courses, policies, costs, billing, financial aid, housing, support and accommodations, and more.

5/1: Enrollment opens for all students! Summer waitlists turn on.

5/15: Teaching Assistant allocation estimate sent to departments. The estimate is highly reliable, begin submitting TA appointments.

 Enrollment census for course cancellation and final TA allocation

  • 8+ students needed in upper division course; 12+ in lower division
  • Course cancellations made - Summer Session contacts faculty, departments, and students to support them changing plans
  • Course readers for Session 1 to Copy Center due (submit 6-8 weeks before Session start) 
  • Orders for Session 1 textbooks to Bay Tree or The Literary Guillotine due (submit 6-8 weeks before Session start)

5/31: Finalized TA allocations sent to departments


6/7: Finalized TA appointment submission due as soon as possible; AHR sends TA appointment letters

  • Departments and Colleges submit Reader appointments; AHR sends Reader appointment letters
  • GSIs - For any AI advancing to become TF, or TF graduating to become Lecturers, the information due to AHR at 
  • Orders for Session 2 textbooks due to Bay Tree or The Literary Guillotine (submit 6-8 weeks before Session start)
  • Course readers for Session 2 due to Copy Center (submit 6-8 weeks before Session start)
  • Scheduling optional discussion sections with TAs and instructors

6/20: Summer Session move-in (tentative for 2021)

6/21: Summer Session classes begin!

  • Online course faculty have the option to close enrollment after the end of the second day of instruction

TBA: Session 1 course evaluations open

TBA: Summer Edge move in (tentative for 2021)


TBA: 8-week course evaluations open

TBA: Session 2 and 10-week course evaluations open

8/27: Summer Session classes end

8/29: Summer Session and Summer Edge move out (tentative for 2021)


9/2: Grades due for all courses, independent studies, and field studies, undergraduate and graduate level

9/13: Departments have access to view evaluations