Repeating a Course over the Summer

Advisor Approved ✔ Advice


  • Prepare to repeat. See the timeline below for guidance.
  • Start paying attention from the beginning of the course. Think of it as your first time taking this course and build your focus time.
  • Go beyond - Join study groups, visit office hours, use Learning Support Services


  • Don’t get overconfident. A repeat will not necessarily be easier, change the behavior that led to failing the first time. Seek support and guidance as needed. 
  • Don’t do it if you have a heavy summer courseload or work/travel/responsibilities.
  • Don’t assume you will remember everything from the first attempt.

Successfully Repeating A Class

Are you thinking about repeating a class this summer that you didn’t pass? Here are some tips for ensuring your success. 

Before Summer Classes Start:

  • Weigh the pros and cons of repeating in summer.
    • Pro - you can potentially really focus on one class at a time.
    • Con - it might be accelerated to 5 weeks. Is that pace right for you?
  • Reflect - why didn’t I pass last time?
  • Consider - what support or campus resources will ensure my success?
  • Align your time management skills: 
    • Do you have other commitments outside of class? Work, family, a long commute?
    • Do you plan on working double the amount of time outside of class? If a class meets 7 hours a week (i.e. Mon Weds 9-12:30), students should dedicate 14 hours per week additional to reading, studying, doing practice problems, visiting office hours or discussion sections, etc.
  • Speak with your college or major advisors to make sure you understand the repeat policy. Consider
  • Do you need to set up DRC accommodations?
Week 1
  • Don’t miss the first class!
  • 5 weeks goes by fast. If the professor sent the syllabus early or you can find the information online, make sure to buy/rent the books before the course begins.
  • Did you get any needed supplies in advance?
  • Introduce yourself to your professor (and TAs if your class has teaching assistants); consider disclosing, “This is my second time, I really want to do well.”
  • Put discussion sections, tutoring hours, and office hours in your schedule and make a plan to attend weekly.
  • Save the drop, withdraw, and change of grade option deadlines in your calendar.
During Class
  • Visit professor and TA office hours
  • Attend discussion sections
  • Use LSS and other tutoring opportunities
  • Form study groups, introduce yourself to classmates
  • Participate! Even if it’s not required for credit, it can make you feel more engaged and confident.
  • Keep an eye on your overall grade, calculating it yourself or in Canvas, for example. If it’s not easy to find, ask your professor “How am I doing?” at their office hours. You can ask weekly; it’s a completely fair question.
  • Prepare well for the final exam or paper. Attend review sessions, show your professor or TA a draft, take practice tests. Get rest and exercise so you approach the finish line strong and confident.


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