High School Course Enrollment

Guidance on selecting courses:

Choose from over 100 different Session 1 classes across 30 departments, including Biology, Environmental Studies, Music, and more. Favorite courses for high school students include Chemistry (CHEM 1A), History (10B), Economics (Econ 1), and The Oceans (OCEA 1).

  • Review the list of UCSC courses (coming this spring) compiled by our academic advisers as ideal for high school students. Some additional courses may be appropriate but require pre-approval.

  • Interested in getting a General Education Requirement met? Easily transferable to other UC campuses. Read up on UCSC’s GE Requirements

  • Explore previous years' syllabi to see the pace and course load of specific classes
Course Credits
  • Most courses are 5 credits. That relates to a student's workload and the 35 hours of class meeting time. One 5-credit class is ideal for 5 weeks - that's what we recommend.  

  • A few classes are 2 credits, meaning lower workload and less meeting time. Some labs are 1 credit and meet once per week.

  • Students can take a 5-credit class and a 2-credit class for a bit more work, or two 5-credit courses for a total of 10 credits in 5 weeks - a lot of work!

How to Enroll

Once you have completed all steps to register and you have submitted your Verification Form, you may continue to course enrollment which opens May 1:

  • Step 1: Complete all steps to register, then when set up is processed, you will receive your login. 
  • Step 2: Browse courses through Class Search 
  • Step 3: Add courses to your shopping cart
  • Step 4: Enroll via My Student Center on your MyUCSC portal. Visit navigating MyUCSC for additional assistance with adding classes, changing passwords, etc.

Summer Accommodations

Please Remember:

  • If you cannot attend a course you're enrolled in; you MUST DROP yourself. Instructors do not drop students in Summer Session. If you do not drop yourself from a class, you will be responsible for paying the tuition for it.
  • There is a non-refundable $50 cancellation fee if you enroll in Summer Session courses at any time but decide to drop them all. 
  • See our academic calendar for important summer deadlines and our summer-specific add, drop and request for W policies.