Psychology Summer Courses

    Introduction to Psychology

  • PSYC 1

    Session 1

    Introduces prospective majors to the scientific study of behavior and mental processes and also provides an overview for non-majors. Emphasizes social, cognitive, developmental, and personality psychology and their interrelations. (General Education Code(s): PE-H, IS.)

    Proposed Instructor: Annie Ditta

  • Introduction to Psychological Statistics

  • PSYC 2

    Session 1

    An introduction to elementary statistical principles and techniques relevant to psychological research. Topics covered include basic parametric and nonparametric statistics, analysis of variance, and simple factorial designs. This course is prerequisite to course 181. Prerequisite(s): course 1 or 20, and Applied Mathematics and Statistics 3 or 6 or Mathematics 3 or 4 or 11A or satisfactory placement score on math placement exam or CEEB Advanced Placement Calculus AB exam. (General Education Code(s): SR, Q.) 

    Proposed Instructor: Nick Antrilli

  • Introduction to Developmental Psychology

  • PSYC 10

    Session 1

    Prerequisites lifted in summer for visiting students.

    Addresses psychological development from conception to adolescence. Provides an overview of developmental psychology. Prerequisite(s): course 1; Applied Mathematics and Statistics 3 or 6, or Math 3 or higher Mathematics courses; and course 2 or Applied Mathematics and Statistics 5 or 7/7L. 

    Proposed Instructor: Wu Zhang

  • Introduction to Cognitive Psychology

  • PSYC 20A

    Session 2

    Introduces basic concepts in cognitive psychology with a focus on theoretical explanations of cognitive functioning. Topics include perception, attention, memory, concepts, language, visual cognition, executive functions, and reasoning processes. (Formerly course 20, Introduction to Cognitive Psychology.)

    Proposed Instructor: Julia Soares

  • Research Methods in Psychology

  • PSYC 100

    Session 2 

    An introduction to research methods used to investigate human psychology. Course emphasizes critical thinking, designing and conducting research, analyzing and interpreting data, and writing a professional research report. (Formerly course 3.) Prerequisite(s): Entry Level Writing and Composition requirements; Applied Mathematics and Statistics 2 or 3 or 6, or Mathematics 3 or higher level Mathematics course; and course 2 or Applied Mathematics and Statistics 5 or 7/7L.

    Proposed Instructor: Ben Storm

  • Adolescent Development

  • PSYC 102

    Session 2

    Focuses on individual and relational development from early adolescence into young adulthood. Emphasis on the mutual influences of family relationships and adolescent development, and on the interface of family, peer group, and school experience in cultural contexts. 

    Proposed Instructor: Margarita Azmitia

  • Social & Emotional Development

  • PSYC 106

    Session 1

    An examination of contemporary theory and research on social and emotional development from infancy through childhood. Prerequisite(s): courses 3 or 100 and 10.

    Proposed Instructor: Abigail Walsh

  • Visual and Spatial Cognition

  • PSYC 120

    Session 2

    Restrictions lifted for all students in summer.

    Focuses on high-level perception and visual, spatial, and other sensorimotor representations as elements of human cognition. Topics include imagery, visual attention, mental models, spatial language, the body schema, near-body space, and brain organization for representing space. Prerequisite(s): course 1 or 20 or 20A, and course 100. Enrollment restricted to cognitive science and psychology majors and minors. Enrollment limited to 60. 

    Proposed Instructor: Acacia Overoye

  • Human Learning and Memory

  • PSYC 129

    Session 1

    Restrictions lifted for all students in summer.

    Examines basic theories, models, methods, and research findings in human memory. Both traditional and nontraditional topics are covered. Prerequisite(s): course 100. Enrollment restricted to psychology and cognitive science majors and minors. 

    Proposed Instructor: Travis Seymour

  • Forgetting

  • PSYC 139J

    Session 1

    Explores forgetting as an essential and adaptive process in human memory. Topics include: intentional and unintentional forms of forgetting; the (re)constructive nature of memory; and cases of extreme remembering. Prerequisite(s): satisfaction of Entry Level Writing and Composition requirements and course 3 or 100. Enrollment restricted to senior psychology and cognitive science majors. Enrollment limited to 20. 

    Proposed Instructor: Ben Storm

  • Sexual Identity and Society

  • PSYC 140H

    Session 1

    Introduces the contemporary social and political significance of sexual and gender identity diversity, focusing on historic and contemporary stigmatization. Examines scientific paradigms for the study of sexuality and gender; social and scientific activism for sexual liberation; sexual fluidity; transgender identity; queer theory and politics; and contemporary issues in social justice and social policy for sexual and gender identity diversity. 

    Proposed Instructor: Brandon Balzer Carr

  • Psychology of Trauma

  • PSYC 140T

    Session 2

    Restrictions lifted for all students in summer.

    Overview of psychological theory and research on trauma and traumatic stress, including responses to childhood trauma (especially sexual abuse), combat, and natural disasters. Variety of theoretical frameworks presented, including developmental, cognitive, neuropsychological, clinical, and social/contextual. Prerequisite(s):course 3 or 100 or permission of instructor. 

    Proposed Instructor: Sarah Harsey

  • Abnormal Psychology

  • PSYC 170

    Session 1

    Contact instructor for prerequisite exceptions.

    Survey of theory, research, and intervention in human psychopathology. Covers psychological, biological, developmental, and socio-cultural approaches. Prerequisite(s): course 100; course 60 highly recommended as preparation. 

    Proposed Instructor: Jason Dyer

  • History and Systems of Psychology

  • PSYC 183

    Session 2

    An overview of the history of psychology. Examines issues of paradigm and philosophy of science. Reviews central paradigms in the history of the discipline. Assumes a critical-historical approach, linking scientific knowledge produced to prevailing societal beliefs about mind and behavior. (Formerly course 180) Prerequisite(s): course 3 or 100. 

    Proposed Instructor: Erin Toolis