2021 Remote Physics Summer Courses

    Introductory Physics I (5 credits)

  • PHYS 6A


    Elementary mechanics. Vectors, Newton's laws, inverse square force laws, work and energy, conservation of momentum and energy, and oscillations. General Education Code MF

    Prerequisite(s): MATH 11A or MATH 19A or MATH 20A or AM 15A. Concurrent enrollment in PHYS 6L is required.

    Proposed Instructor - Barun Dhar

  • Introductory Physics Laboratory (1 credit)

  • PHYS 6L


    Laboratory sequence illustrating topics covered in PHYS 6A. One three-hour laboratory session per week.

    Prerequisite(s): Previous or concurrent enrollment in PHYS 6A or PHYS 7A is required.

    Proposed Instructor - Barun Dhar

  • Introductory Physics III (5 credits)

  • PHYS 6C


    Introduction to electricity and magnetism. Elementary circuits; Maxwell's equations; electromagnetic radiation; interference and polarization of light. General Education Code SI

    Prerequisite(s): PHYS 5A and PHYS 5L or PHYS 6A and PHYS 6L, and MATH 11B or MATH 19B or MATH 20B or AM 15B.

    Proposed Instructor - Barun Dhar

  • Introductory Physics III Laboratory (1 credit)

  • PHYS 6N


    Laboratory sequence illustrating topics covered in PHYS 6C. One three-hour laboratory session per week.

    Prerequisite(s): PHYS 6A and PHYS 6L or PHYS 5A and PHYS 5L; previous or concurrent enrollment in PHYS 6CPHYS 6B and PHYS 6M are recommended.

    Proposed Instructor - Barun Dhar

  • Intermediate Laboratory (on -campus) (5 credits)

  • PHYS 133

    10-Week (on-campus)

    Demonstration of phenomena of classical and modern physics. Development of a familiarity with experimental methods. Special experimental projects may be undertaken by students in this laboratory. General Education Code SR

    Prerequisite(s): PHYS 5C and PHYS 5D and one from CSE 5J, or CSE 14, or CSE 20, or ASTR 119, or by permission of the instructor. Enrollment is restricted to physics, applied physics, physics (astrophysics), and science education majors and physics minors.

    Proposed Instructor - Joseph Connell