2019 Music Summer Courses

    Beginning Javanese Gamelan (2 credits)

  • MUSC 5A

    Session 1

    Instruction in practice and performance of gamelan music from Java or Sunda. Preparation of several works for public presentation. May be repeated for credit. (General Education Code(s): PR-C.) 


  • Introduction to Jazz (5 credits)

  • MUSC 11B

    Session 2

    Designed to provide students with thorough and comprehensive background in history and roots of jazz as a musical style from its African roots to the present. Essential jazz styles and traditions are discussed through lectures, required listening, readings, lecture demonstrations, and film presentations. (General Education Code(s): ER.)


  • Rhythms of North India (2 credits)

  • MUSC 55

    Session 2

    Introduces students to the richness of North Indian rhythms. Includes hands-on exploration of the language of rhythm that is specific to learning the tabla. Enrollment limited to 20. May be repeated for credit. (General Education Code(s): PR-C.)


  • Songwriting Craft and Practice (2 credits)

  • MUSC 58

    Session 1

    The course explores the craft of songwriting through listening, analysis, performance and songwriting assignments. Students are exposed to a variety of writing styles from diverse musical backgrounds such as pop, rock, folk, jazz, avant garde, classical and world music. In this course students will gain the ability to analyze a song’s form, its textual rhythmic scheme, mood and performative aspects. Students will also compose, record and perform song samples demonstrating their understanding and creative approach to the concepts discussed in class. (General Education Code(s): PR-C.)  


  • Music and Resistance in the Latin World (5 credits)

  • MUSC 81E

    Session 1

    This course introduces the role of music and musical practices in social movements, cultural changes and activism in the 20th and 21th centuries in Latin America and in Latina/o communities in the US, expanding to other parts of the world where Latin American cultures are vibrant. Case studies covered in class will demonstrate how actions occur within social, political, economical, and environmental spheres that impact the formation of identities, the negotiation around human rights and the well-being of communities. (General Education Code(s): CC.)