2022 Music Summer Courses

    West Javanese Gamelan Ensemble: Beginning (2 credits)

  • MUSC 5A [In Person]

    Session 2

    Instruction in practice and performance of gamelan music from Java or Sunda. Preparation of several works for public presentation.

    General Education Code PR-C

    Proposed Instructor: Undang Sumarna

  • Introduction to Western Classical Music (5 credits)

  • MUSC 11A [Online/Remote]

    Session 1

    A study of significant works of classical music from Gregorian chant to the present day in relation to the historical periods they represent. Emphasizes the listening experience and awareness of musical style and structure. Illustrated lectures and directed listening.

    General Education Code IM

    Proposed Instructor: Grijda Spiri

  • Introduction to World Music (5 credits)

  • MUSC 11D [In Person]

    Session 1

    Covers topics reflecting distinctive features of selected world music cultures. Introduces content, scope, and method of ethnomusicology. Focuses on understanding the musical styles, performance practices, and cultural functions of these musical traditions. Incorporates live class performance of selected music.

    General Education Code CC

    Proposed Instructor: Shireen Nabatian

  • Beginning Theory & Musicianship I (5 credits)

  • MUSC 13 [Online/Remote]

    Session 1

    Fundamentals of sound production notation in music. Emphasis on the development of the ear and rhythmic skills. Course involves significant participation through in-class performance.

    Proposed Instructor: Faith Lanam

  • Theoretical Foundations of Music (5 credits)

  • MUSC 16 [In Person]

    Session 1

    Explores the physics and socio-historical foundations of music so that students are effectively equipped to undertake further culturally informed study in music theory. No prior formal music education is required for this class, though students should have some experience singing or playing an instrument.

    Proposed Instructor: Alexander Nunes

  • Songwriting Craft and Practice (5 credits)

  • MUSC 58 [In Person]

    Session 1

    Explores the craft of songwriting through listening, analysis, performance, and songwriting assignments. Students are exposed to a variety of writing styles from diverse musical backgrounds such as pop, rock, folk, jazz, avant-garde, classical, and world music. Students gain the ability to analyze a song's form, its textual rhythmic scheme, mood, and performative aspects. Students also compose, record, and perform song samples demonstrating their understanding and creative approach to the concepts discussed in class.

    General Education Code PR-C

    Proposed Instructor: Alexander Wand

  • Music and the Ocean (3 credits)

  • MUSC 73 [In Person]

    Session 1

    Studio course designed to explore relationships between music, sound, and the ocean. Students learn from a broad selection of music from oceanic and western cultures, deep listening techniques, and scientific research on underwater sound and apply it to their own music making. Students also explore connections between electronic music making and environmental sound research, including an introduction to listening techniques, recording, editing and analysis, composition and installation. Open to performers, composers, and theorists, as well as those from other disciplines, who want to expand their knowledge and practice in an experimental environment. Course ends with an online performance/presentation of new student work.

    General Education Code PR-C

    Proposed Instructor: Yolande Harris

  • Race and American Music (5 credits)

  • MUSC 80E [In Person]

    Session 2

    Survey of American music and its dynamic formation through cultural constructions of racial difference. Students hear music as contentious signals of identity, power, and transgressions, contextualized by wide-ranging testimony on racial difference, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, and musical practice.

    General Education Code ER

    Proposed Instructor: Kira Dralle

  • Music in Latin American Culture: Regional Traditions(5 credits)

  • MUSC 80F [Online/Remote]

    Session 1

    In-depth study of select music cultures of Mexico, Central America, and Caribbean, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, and Peru. Characteristic regional genres, ensembles, instruments, and music rituals. Case studies by ethnomusicologists with expertise in specific regional musics. Also Latin American Nueva Canción, women's musics, and overarching themes in Latin American music, as a whole. Offered on a rotational basis with other non-Western courses in the 80 series.

    General Education Code ER

    Proposed Instructor: Melodie Michel

  • Popular Music in the United States (5 credits)

  • MUSC 80P [Online/Remote]

    Session 2

    Introduces music and cultural studies, surveys popular music in the United States from 18th-century minstrelsy to 21st-century social media consumer-producers. Emphasizes narratives of race, complicated by ethnicity, gender, and class, informing ways of valuing music, and its capacity for social representation. (Formerly Music 11C, Introduction to American Popular Music.)

    General Education Code ER

    Proposed Instructor: Nelson Hutchison

  • Women in Music (5 credits)

  • MUSC 80S [In Person]

    Session 2

    An exploration of the sociological position of women as composers and performers in Western and non-Western musics, with a focus on both ethnographic and historical sources. Cross Listed Course FMST 80S

    General Education Code CC

    Proposed Instructor: Lydia Barrett

  • The Music of the Beatles (5 credits)

  • MUSC 80V [Online/Remote]

    Session 2

    The most significant group in the history of popular music, the Beatles spanned the gamut of styles from hard-edged R & B to sophisticated art-rock. This course explores their work in detail, in its own terms, and in the historical/cultural/technological contexts. Students cannot receive credit for both this course and MUSC 180V in the same quarter. MUSC 11C is recommended but not required as preparation.

    General Education Code IM

    Proposed Instructor: Monica Ambalal

  • Music Business (5 credits)

  • MUSC 80W [Online/Remote]

    Session 2

    Explores the many facets of the music industry: history, technology, economics, sociology, and legislation. Provides both a broad understanding of the industry and a pragmatic survey of available career paths. Students cannot receive credit for both this course and MUSC 180W in the same quarter.

    Proposed Instructor: Melodie Michel

  • Global Popular Music (5 credits)

  • MUSC 81C [Online/Remote]

    Session 1

    This cultural study of global popular musics explores musical sounds, practices, and discourse via an examination of the development of the category world music. It explores how music and mass media engage broader issues around globalization, ethnic, national, and transnational identities; popular resistance; censorship; and cultural hegemony.
    General Education Code ER

    Proposed Instructor: Ryan Lambe

  • Music in Animated Film (5 credits)

  • MUSC 81L [In Person]

    Session 1

    Introduces a selective survey of music in Animated Film (Disney, Pixar and DreamWorks), both instrumental and vocal, highlighting the representative works from the 1930s to the present. Through listening and viewing, students will explore the use and role of music in Animated Film.

    General Education Code IM

    Proposed Instructor: Heeyoung Choi

    Pending CCI Approval