2020 Linguistics Summer Courses

    Introduction to Linguistics (5 credits)

  • LING 50

    Session 2

    An introduction to the major areas, problems, and techniques of modern linguistics. (General Education Code(s): SI.)

    New Transfer Students - contact summer@ucsc.edu for a permission code to enroll.

    Proposed Instructor - Matthew Wagers

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  • Semantics l (5 credits)

  • LING 53

    Session 1

    Introduction to the logical foundations of natural language semantics. Logical and semantic relations, simple set theory, logical representations (propositional and predicate calculi, modal and tense logics) and their interpretations. A basic literacy course in the language of logical representation. (General Education Code(s): MF.) 

    Proposed Instructor - Adrian Brasoveanu

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  • Invented Languages, from Elvish to Esperanto (online) (5 credits)

  • LING 80K

    Session 1

    Online only class.

    Considers invented languages, including Elvish and Klingon, as well as lesser-known ones that tackle ethical, social, or cognitive concerns. Students learn tools from contemporary linguistics to analyze language structures and understand how they relate to creator intentions. Enrollment limited to 70. (General Education Code(s): TA.) 

    NOTE: Course content, assessments, and participation are conducted completely online. Course due dates are modeled on a typical summer session 2-day schedule: assignments are due roughly twice per week, and assignments are available 3 days before they are due. Enrolled students will be expected to have access to a computer with a stable internet connection throughout the full session. Students will be required to participate in one "real time" online meeting lasting one hour, with days and times of available meetings determined by a poll of the students in the first week of class.

    Course video

    Proposed Instructor - Pranav Anand

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  • The Science of Language: An Introduction to Linguistics for Non-Majors (online) (5 credits)

  • LING 80S

    Session 1

    Online only course.

    A general overview of the major areas, problems, and techniques of modern linguistics. This course is not suitable for majors in the Linguistics Department. (General Education Code(s): SI.)

    This course will be hosted online in Canvas at canvas.ucsc.edu. It will be available the Friday before class starts. Be sure to check your UCSC email for specific instructions!

    Proposed Instructor - Jess H.K. Law

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  • Phonology I (5 credits)

  • LING 101

    Session 2

    Introduction to how sounds pattern in grammars-why they vary, how they combine, etc. Emphasis is on developing theories to explain the patterns. Topics include distinctive feature theory, phonemic analysis, autosegmental phonology, and principles of syllabification and stress. Prerequisite(s): satisfaction of the Entry Level Writing and Composition requirements, course 50. (General Education Code(s): MF.)

    Visiting students - if you met the prerequisites elsewhere, send proof to ling@ucsc.edu for permission to enroll.

    Proposed Instructor - Amanda Rysling

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