Linguistics Summer Courses

    Introduction to Linguistics

  • LING 50

    Session 2

    An introduction to the major areas, problems, and techniques of modern linguistics. (General Education Code(s): SI, IH.) 

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    Instructor: Matt Wagers

  • Semantics l

  • LING 53

    Session 2

    Introduction to the logical foundations of natural language semantics. Logical and semantic relations, simple set theory, logical representations (propositional and predicate calculi, modal and tense logics) and their interpretations. A basic literacy course in the language of logical representation. (General Education Code(s): MF.) 

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    Instructor: Hitomi Hirayama

  • Invented Languages (online)

  • LING 80K

    Session 2

    Online only class.

    Considers invented languages, including Elvish and Klingon, as well as lesser-known ones that tackle ethical, social, or cognitive concerns. Students learn tools from contemporary linguistics to analyze language structures and understand how they relate to creator intentions. (General Education Code(s): TA.) 

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    Instructor: Pranav Anand

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