2023 Legal Studies Summer Courses

    Introduction to Legal Process (5 credits)

  • LGST 10 [In Person]

    Session 2

    Introduction to U.S. and comparative legal institutions and practices. Examines diverse areas of law from torts to civil rights to international human rights. Why is America portrayed as having an activist legal culture; why is law used to decide so many questions from presidential elections to auto accidents; can law resolve disputes that, historically, have led to war and violence; is the legal system fair and/or effective, and, if so, for whom and under what conditions?

    Proposed Instructor: Alberto Ganis

  • Early Modern Political Thought (5 credits)

  • LGST 105B [In Person]

    Session 2

    Studies republican and liberal traditions of political thought and politics. Authors studied include Hobbes, Locke, and Rousseau. Examination of issues such as authorship, individuality, gender, state, and cultural difference. Prerequisite(s): satisfaction of the Entry Level Writing and Composition requirements. Cross Listed Courses POLI 105B.

    Proposed Instructor: Rowan Powell

  • Modern Political Thought (5 credits)

  • LGST 105C [In Person]

    Session 1

    Studies in 19th- and early 20th-century theory, centering on the themes of capitalism, labor, alienation, culture, freedom, and morality. Authors studied include J. S. Mill, Marx, Nietzsche, Foucault, Hegel, Fanon, and Weber. Prerequisite(s): satisfaction of the Entry Level Writing and Composition requirements. Cross Listed Courses POLI 105C.

    Proposed Instructor: Ingy Higazy

  • Constitutional Law (5 credits)

  • LGST 111A [In Person]

    Session 1

    An introduction to constitutional law, emphasizing equal protection and fundamental rights as defined by common law decisions interpreting the 14th Amendment, and also exploring issues of federalism and separation of powers. Readings are primarily court decisions; special attention given to teaching how to interpret, understand, and write about common law. Prerequisite(s): satisfaction of the Entry Level Writing and Composition requirements. Cross Listed Courses POLI 111A.

    Proposed Instructor: Eric Snickars

  • Civil Liberties (5 credits)

  • LGST 111B [In Person]

    Session 2

    Explores the status of American civil liberties as provided by the Bill of Rights. Particular attention will be given to issues of concern relating to the aftermath of 9/11, including issues relating to detainees, freedom of information requests, wiretapping authority, watch lists, profiling, and creation of a domestic intelligence agency. Cross Listed Courses POLI 111B.

    Proposed Instructor: Eric Snickars

  • Comparative Law (5 credits)

  • LGST 116 [Online]

    Session 2

    Explores how countries organize their societies through legal rules. Particular attention is given to constitutional design, differences between common and civil law systems, changes brought about by the European Union, and the convergence of legal norms globally. Cross Listed Courses POLI 116.

    General Education Code CC

    Proposed Instructor: Jackie Gehring

  • Law and Politics of Memory (5 credits)

  • LGST 158 [Online]

    Session 2

    Examines why we choose to memorialize some aspects of our history, but not others. What impact do those choices have on our contemporary politics and society? How may memorials help create a stronger democracy?

    General Education Code CC

    Proposed Instructor: Jackie Gehring

  • Legal Studies Internship/Field Seminar: Experiences in Law, Policy, and Society (5 credits)

  • LGST 185 [In Person]


    A practicum seminar for students seeking field experience in law- and policy-making settings. Designed to be combined with an internship; provides structured class meetings and work, including weekly field notes and a final paper. Prerequisite(s): LGST 10. Enrollment is restricted to sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

    General Education Code PR-S

    Proposed Instructor: Ryan Coonerty