Legal Studies Summer Courses

    Introduction to Legal Process

  • LGST 10

    Session 1

    Prerequisites lifted for all students in summer.

    Introduction to U.S. and comparative legal institutions and practices. Examines diverse areas of law from torts to civil rights to international human rights. Why is America portrayed as having an activist legal culture; why is law used to decide so many questions from presidential elections to auto accidents; can law resolve disputes that, historically, have led to war and violence; is the legal system fair and/or effective, and, if so, for whom and under what conditions? (General Education Code(s): IS.)

    Proposed Instructor: Cassie Ambutter

  • Memory and Urban Space in Berlin and Prague - Faculty Lead Study Abroad

  • LGST 100 & LGST 102

    Session 1

    Join Professor Jacqueline Gehring in Germany and the Czech Republic to explore politics and urban space. Must apply through UCSC Study Abroad office. Courses:

    LGST 100 - Law and Politics of Memory (5 units) - required
    Why do we choose to memorialize some aspects of our history, but not others? What impact do those choices have on our contemporary politics and society? How may memorials help create a stronger democracy? (General Education Code(s): CC.)

    LGST 102 - Law and Politics of Urban Space (5 units) - required
    How does a city’s geography reflect and shape its political commitments, ethical values, and legal rules? This class explores the law and politics of public space, considering the impacts of gentrification, immigration, borders, etc.. on access to public space. (General Education Code(s): PE-H.)

    Note: Pending senate approval

  • Civil Liberties

  • LGST 111B

    Session 2

    Prerequisites lifted for all students in summer.

    Explores the status of American civil liberties as provided by the Bill of Rights. Particular attention will be given to issues of concern relating to the aftermath of 9/11, including issues relating to detainees, freedom of information requests, wiretapping authority, watch lists, profiling, and creation of a domestic intelligence agency. 

    Proposed Instructor: Wais Hassan

  • Comparative Law (online)

  • LGST 116

    Session 2

    Online only class.

    Explores legal systems and legal rules around the world, for a better understanding of the factors that have shaped both legal growth and legal change. Particular attention given to differences between common and civil law systems, changes brought about by the European Union, and expansion of legal norms around the globe.

    Proposed Instructor: Jackie Gehring

    Note: Pending senate approval

  • Congress, President, and the Court in American Politics

  • LGST 120A

    Session 2

    Study of political development, behavior, performance, and significance of central governmental institutions of the U.S. Emphasizes the historical development of each branch and their relationship to each other, including changes in relative power and constitutional responsibilities. (Also offered as POLI 120A. Students cannot receive credit for both courses.) Prerequisite(s): satisfaction of the Entry Level Writing and Composition requirements. Satisfies American History and Institutions Requirement. 

    Proposed Instructor: Trina Barton

  • Race and Law

  • LGST 128I

    Session 1

    An introduction to comparative and historical analyses of the relation between race and law in the U.S. Emphasis on examinations of continuous colonial policies and structural mechanisms that help maintain and perpetuate racial inequality in law, criminal justice, and jury trials. (Formerly Race and Justice) (Also offered as SOCY 128I. Students cannot receive credit for both courses.)

    Proposed Instructor: Hiroshi Fukurai

  • Human Rights

  • LGST 175

    Session 1

    Prerequisites lifted for all students in summer.
    Embraces an interdisciplinary approach to the study of human rights. Captures the malleable nature of human rights and the contours of its dual role as both law and discourse. Also offered as POLI 175. Students cannot receive credit for both courses.

    Proposed Instructor: Sam Cook

  • Field Experiences in Law, Policy, and Society

  • LGST 185

    Session 1

    Prerequisites lifted for all students in summer.

    A practicum seminar for students seeking field experience in law- and policy-related settings. Designed to be combined with an internship; provides structured class meetings and work, including weekly field notes and final paper. (General Education Code(s): PR-S.)

    Proposed Instructor: Ryan Coonerty

    Note: Pending senate approval