History of Consciousness Summer Courses

    Understanding Popular Music (5 credits)

  • HISC 80O

    Session 1

    Students develop the skills necessary to analyze popular music. First, challenging common-sense understandings of how music functions. And second, understanding how history works its way into musical forms. Enrollment limited to 120. (General Education Code(s): IM.)

    Proposed Instructor: Jared Gampel

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  • War and the Media (5 credits)

  • HISC 80S

    Session 2

    Course examines how war is represented in journalism using perspectives from political theory, intellectual history, and related fields. Materials aim to challenge media depictions, from the Civil War to the War on Terror, assessing how news shapes knowledge of conflict. (General Education Code(s): TA.)

    Proposed Instructor: Isaac Blacksin

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  • US Horror Film: Race, Capitalism, and Monsters (5 credits)

  • HISC 106

    Session 2

    This course will analyze films and images to consider how the genre of horror has screened the problems, expectations, and fantasized afterlives of racism, labor exploitation, ruin, and war. (General Education Code(s): ER.)

    Also counts as a CRES major upper division elective.

    Proposed Instructor: Trung Nguyen

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