History of Consciousness Summer Courses

    Black Panther Party: History and Theory of a Political Movement

  • HISC 80P

    Session 1

    Examines the history and theory of the Black Panther Party. Texts situate the historical conditions leading up to the Black Panther Party’s rise, theoretical inspirations and contributions, national and international reach, and decline following state repression, electoral campaigns, and guerrilla warfare. (General Education Code(s): ER.) 


  • The Camera and the Body

  • HISC 141

    Session 2

    Through the study of historical and contemporary visual texts, this course explores how photographic images of the body, while masquerading as "self-evident" or "scientific" participate in highly coded systems that influence who looks at whom, how, when, why. Also listed as HAVC 141F. (General Education Code(s): IM.) 

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