2020 History of Consciousness Summer Courses

    Understanding Popular Music (5 credits)

  • HISC 80O

    Session 1

    Students develop the skills necessary to analyze popular music. First, challenging common-sense understandings of how music functions. And second, understanding how history works its way into musical forms. Enrollment limited to 120. (General Education Code(s): IM.)

    Proposed Instructor - Jared Gampel

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  • Urban Consciousness: Life, Inequality, and the City (5 credits)

  • HISC 80R

    Session 2

    This course invites students to investigate the social, spatial, and economic inequalities that mark urban life in the United States. The class will focus on broad debates and narratives about progress, development, race, creativity, and justice, tying these large themes to how the contemporary American city is produced, governed, and imagined. (General Education Code(s): ER)

    Proposed Instructor - Key MacFarlane

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  • The Problem of California (5 credits)

  • HISC 103

    Session 1

    From Muir Woods to Hollywood and Silicon Valley to the Central Valley, California has been a path breaker that has helped shape politics and cultural production, both in the United States and across the globe. The rich diversity of the Golden State makes it an especially exciting site for studying the relations between divergent social, economic, cultural, political, and ecological forces.

    In this course, students will investigate the histories, cultures, and geographies of California through five broad thematics: encounters, extractions, mobilities, enclosures, and liberations. Students will explore relations between power and place through ethnographic, archival, critical, and aesthetic lenses. Students will further examine the role of identity within constructions of inequality and struggles for political change.

    This course fulfills one upper-division course requirement for the minor in the History of Consciousness. This course also fulfills the ER (Ethnicity and Race) requirement in General Education.

    Proposed Instructor - Adrian Drummond-Cole

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  • Political Writing (5 credits)

  • HISC 104

    Session 2

    In this course we will explore the practice and politics of writing by moving beyond rehearsals of established form into critical reflection on the art of writing. Through readings in both theory and creative cross-genre works we will ask: what are the philosophical and political implications of the writing forms we choose? How might a writer or writer-activist achieve an alignment of form and content? How might we break with, subvert, or modify pre-existing forms, and what are the implications of doing so? Classes will include writing prompts and assignments will invite creative responses. (General Education Code(s): IM)

    Proposed Instructor - Melody Nixon

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