2021 Remote History of Consciousness Summer Courses

    Understanding Popular Music (5 credits)

  • HISC 80O

    Session 1

    Students develop the skills necessary to analyze popular music. First, challenging common-sense understandings of how music functions. And second, understanding how history works its way into musical forms. General Education Code IM

    Proposed Instructor - Jared Gampel

  • War and the Media (5 credits)

  • HISC 80S

    Session 2

    Examines how war is represented in journalism using perspectives from political theory, intellectual history, and related fields. Materials aim to challenge media depictions, from the Civil War to the War on Terror, assessing how news shapes knowledge of conflict. General Education Code TA

    Proposed Instructor - Gabriel Mindel

  • Introduction to Marxism (5 credits)

  • HISC 80V

    Session 1

    The goal of this course is to introduce students to the thought of Karl Marx and some of the major thinkers working in the Marxist tradition. The majority of the course centers on Marx's writing, though students also read texts that extend and develop Marx's ideas into areas that Marx himself did not explore. Course addresses questions central to the Marxist tradition: What is capital? What is capitalism? What is a capitalist state? How did Marx understand colonialism and national liberation struggles? What is the specific nature of gendered oppression and exploitation under capitalism? What is the relationship between capitalist production and cultural production? General Education Code CC

    Proposed Instructor - Stefan Yong

    Pending CCI Approval

  • The Problem of California (5 credits)

  • HISC 103

    Session 1

    From Muir Woods to Hollywood and Silicon Valley to the Central Valley, California has been a path breaker that has shaped politics and cultural production. The state's rich diversity makes it an especially exciting site for studying the relations between divergent social, economic, cultural, political, and ecological forces. Course investigates the histories, cultures, and geographies of California by exploring relations between power and place through ethnographic, archival, critical, and aesthetic lenses. Also examines the role of identity within constructions of inequality and struggles for political change. Course fulfills one upper-division course requirement for the minor in the history of consciousness. General Education Code ER

    Proposed Instructor - Adrian Drummond-Cole

  • Politics of Violence (5 credits)

  • HISC 129

    Session 2

    Inquires into the relationship between politics and violence as articulated by early modern, modern, and contemporary political theorists. Investigates the role of violence in the constitution and maintenance of sovereign power and the construction of the modern subject of politics. General Education Code TA

    Proposed Instructor - Christian Alvardado