2019 History of Art & Visual Culture Summer Courses

    The Politics of Exclusion: Asian American Art and Visual Culture (online) (5 credits)

  • HAVC 127F

    Session 2

    Online only class. 

    Examines Asian American artists as well as representations of Asian Americans through American history. This course addresses such themes as migration and dislocation, race and identity, intergenerational relationships, origins and diasporas, and American foreign policies in Asia. (General Education Code(s): ER.) 


  • Latin American Art and Visual Culture (online) (5 credits)

  • HAVC 144A

    Session 1

    Online only class.

    Investigates Latin American and Caribbean art and visual culture. Studies decolonial resistances, alternative modernisms, examining the shaping of “race” and ethnicity under global capitalism. Looks at practices by Latin American and Latinx artists, focusing on Afro-Latinx and indigenous knowledges. (General Education Code(s): ER.) 


  • Heritage, Memory, and Material Culture (5 credits)

  • HAVC 188M

    Session 1

    Ideas of “heritage” suggest fixed origins and stable histories yet are changing and plural in human life. This course considers materials from around the world to explore how concepts of heritage address the present through commemorating (or forgetting) the past.  (General Education Code(s): CC.)