History of Art & Visual Culture Summer Courses

    Arts and Politics of African Urban Space

  • HAVC 119

    Session 1

    Using contemporary art and other visual materials, examines how select African cities are structured, imagined, and contested, and how migration, colonialism, race, ethnicity, and globalization inform their spatial politics. Draws from urban studies, political theory, memoire, anthropology, and visual studies. (General Education Code(s): ER) 


  • The Camera and the Body

  • HAVC 141F

    Session 2

    Through the study of historical and contemporary visual texts, this course explores how photographic images of the body, while masquerading as "self-evident" or "scientific" participate in highly coded systems that influence who looks at whom, how, when, why.  Also listed as HISC 141. (General Education Code(s): IM.) 

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  • Advanced Studies in Pre-Hispanic Visual Culture: The Inka

  • HAVC 162B

    Session 2

    The visual culture of the Inka of the Andean region of western South America including textiles, metalwork, and the built environment. Courses 60 or 80 recommended as preparation. (General Education Code(s): CC.) 

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  • Indigenous Art & Activism (online)

  • HAVC 186l

    Session 1

    Online only course. 

    Examines how Indigenous artists and activists visually respond to issues related to land and sovereignty. Will look at a broad range of media used by Indigenous creative practitioners, including documentary filmmaking, printmaking, photography, and performance. (General Education Code(s): ER)