2023 History of Art & Visual Culture Summer Courses

    Art of the Contemporary African Diaspora (5 credits)

  • HAVC 118 [Online]

    Session 2

    Considers contemporary art by African artists operating in metropolitan centers, as well as Afro-British, Afro-Caribbean, and African-American production. Topics are organized thematically and address constructing and deconstructing the idea of Africa; cultural authenticity; diaspora; Creolite and creolization; hybridity; cosmopolitanism; post-black; and globalism in the arts. Credits 5

    General Education Code ER

    Proposed Instructor: Axelle Boyer Touissant

  • Networks and Natures: Art, Technology, and the Nonhuman (5 credits)

  • HAVC 141P [Online]

    Session 1

    Through critical readings and primary sources, this course explores the historical and theoretical developments in the interactions of art, culture, nature, and technology. Sample topics include environmental art; media infrastructures; concepts of nature and the nonhuman; and climate change and visual culture. Credits 5

    General Education Code PE-E

    Proposed Instructor: Matthew Tedford

  • Architecture and the City in Modern and Contemporary Visual Culture (5 credits)

  • HAVC 143D [Online]

    Session 2

    Examines the modern and contemporary depictions of cities in visual and material culture, from paintings and photographs to logotypes and souvenirs. Also examines the roles of narrative in spatial representations, including literature, film, and television productions. Credits 5

    General Education Code IM

    Proposed Instructor: Leslie Lodwick