History of Art & Visual Culture Summer Courses

    Contemporary Art of Africa

  • HAVC 117

    Session 2

    Prerequisites lifted for all students in summer.

    Examines contemporary arts in post-colonial Africa, 1960-present, including new popular cultural forms; arts resulting from new class and national structures; commodification of culture; Pan-Africanism; exhibitionism; and questions of destiny. (General Education Code(s): IM.) 

    Proposed Instructor: Kristen Laciste

  • The Politics of Exclusion: Asian American Visual Culture (online)

  • HAVC 127F

    Session 2

    Online only class.

    Examines Asian American artists as well as representations of Asian Americans through American history. This course addresses such themes as migration and dislocation, race and identity, intergenerational relationships, origins and diasporas, and American foreign policies in Asia. (General Education Code(s): ER.) 

    Proposed Instructor: Michelle Yee

  • Queer Visual Culture

  • HAVC 186Q

    Session 1

    Students will gain critical skills to grapple with queer art, visual culture, and theory of diverse histories and geographies. We will consider how “queer” is applied and appropriated in the scope of in/visibility in a transnational context.

    Proposed Instructor: Katherine Korroch

  • Indigenous Art and Activism (online)

  • HAVC 186I

    Session 1

    Online only class.

    Examines how indigenous artists and activists visually respond to issues related to land and sovereignty. Looks at a broad range of media used by indigenous creative practitioners, including documentary filmmaking, printmaking, photography, and performance. (General Education Code(s): ER.) 

    Proposed Instructor: Amber Hickey