Feminist Studies Summer Courses

    Trans Gender Bodies

  • FMST 41

    Session 2

    Draws from representations of transgender/transsexual people in popular, biomedical, and political contexts. Examines the impact of transgender lives on concepts of gender, identity, and technology. Engages with biological and sexological frameworks of sex/gender, trans experience, and social movements and theories. (Formerly course 80M.)

  • Topics in Feminist Studies: "Feminism Beyond the Human: Gender, Race, Class, Sexuality, Species"

  • FMST 188

    Session 1

    Focuses on a particular topic in feminist theory. Topics vary each offering but might include theorizing the gendered subject, racializing gender, politics and feminism, the relationship between queer theory and feminism, transgender studies, women of color feminisms, postcolonial and decolonial feminisms, feminist science studies. Enrollment is restricted to sophomores, juniors, and seniors. May be repeated for credit.

  • Gender And Education

  • EDUC 135

    Session 2

    Addresses the changing but continuing patterns of unequal expectations, opportunities, and treatment throughout the educational system for all students, female and male, who do not match a standard model of gender performance. Enrollment is restricted to education or STEM minors, physics education majors, or students with math education concentration or Earth sciences science education concentration, or biology B.A. bioeducation, or by permission of instructor.

  • Sex and Sexuality as Social Practice and Representation

  • SOCY 126

    Session 2

    Explores social and cultural aspects of human sexuality and reproduction, including how and why meanings and behaviors are contested. Analyzes sexuality and reproduction as forms of social and political control as well as cultural expression and self-determination. (Formerly Sociology of Sex)

  • Psychology of Sexual Aggression

  • PSYC 159D

    Session 1

    An overview of psychological theory and research related to sexual aggression, focusing on both perpetration and victimization. Includes a discussion of the social construction of masculinity and femininity, media representations of sexual violence, and alternative (non-aggressive) visions of sexuality. Satisfies the senior seminar requirement. Satisfies the senior comprehensive requirement. Prerequisite(s): Entry Level Writing and Composition requirements; and course 3 or 100. Enrollment is restricted to senior psychology or feminist studies majors or permission of instructor. Enrollment limited to 20.