2022 Feminist Studies Summer Courses

    Women in Music (5 credits)

  • FMST 80S [In Person]

    Session 2

    An exploration of the sociological position of women as composers and performers in Western and non-Western musics, with a focus on both ethnographic and historical sources. Cross Listed Course MUSC 80S

    General Education Code CC

    Proposed Instructor: Lydia Barrett

  • Racial and Gender Formations in the U.S (5 credits)

  • FMST 145 [Online/Remote]

    Session 1

    Introduces the defining issues surrounding racial and gender formations in the U.S. through an understanding of the term women of color as an emergent, dynamic, and socio-political phenomenon. Interrogates organizing practices around women of color across multiple sites: film and media, globalization, representation, sexuality, historiography, and war, to name a select few.

    General Education Code ER

    Proposed Instructor: Nick Mitchell

  • Topics in Feminist Studies (5 credits)

  • FMST 188 [Online/Remote]

    Session 2

    Focuses on a particular topic in feminist theory. Topics vary each offering but might include theorizing the gendered subject, racializing gender, politics and feminism, the relationship between queer theory and feminism, transgender studies, women of color feminisms, postcolonial and decolonial feminisms, feminist science studies.

    Proposed Instructor: Marina Segatti