Earth & Planetary Sciences Summer Courses


  • EART 1

    Session 2

    An introduction to the physical environment of the ocean. Origin and evolution of ocean basins; sea-floor morphology; origin, distribution, historical record, and economic significance of marine sediments; ocean currents, waves, tides, and changing sea level; beaches, shorelines, and coastal processes; marine resources, pollution, and human impacts on the oceans. Students may also enroll in and receive credit for Ocean Sciences 1. (General Education Code(s): PE-E, IN.)

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  • Geology of National Parks (online)

  • EART 3

    Session 2

    Online only course.

    Geologic concepts and processes responsible for shaping our national parks including mountain building, volcanic and earthquake activity, sedimentation, weathering, erosion, and glaciation. An understanding of how geology impacts our lives is emphasized. Appropriate for both science and non-science majors who wish to enhance their knowledge, enjoyment, and appreciation of our national parks. (General Education Code(s): SI, IN.) 

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  • Introduction to Scientific Computing

  • EART 119


    Introduction to solving scientific problems using computers. A series of simple problems from Earth sciences, physics, and astronomy are solved using a user-friendly scientific programming language (Python/SciPy). (Also offered as Astronomy 119. Students cannot receive credit for both courses.) Prerequisite(s): Mathematics 11A or 19A or 20A or Applied Mathematics or Statistics 15A. (General Education Code(s): IN.) [Also offered as ASTR 119. Students cannot receive credit for both courses.]