2024 Critical Race and Ethnic Studies Summer Courses

    Critical Race and Ethnic Studies: An Introduction (5 credits)

  • CRES 10 [Online]

    Session 1

    Examines the concept of race, followed by an investigation of colorblindness, multiculturalism, and post-racialism. Race and ethnicity are examined as historically formulated in relationship to the concepts of gender, sexuality, class, nationalism, indigeneity, citizenship, immigration, and inequality. Prerequisite(s): Satisfaction of the Entry Level Writing requirement.

    General Education Code ER
    Proposed Instructor: Nick Mitchell

  • Introduction to the Sikhs (2 credits)

  • CRES 70S [Online]

    Session 2

    Introduces the Sikh community, including its origins, history, belief system and contemporary challenges. Other topics include Sikh music, art, literature, and aspects of Sikh society. Specific attention is paid to the Sikh diaspora community in the United States, and in California in particular, including comparative perspectives with respect to other minority communities.

    Proposed Instructor: Naindeep Chann

  • The Struggle for K-12 Ethnic Studies (5 Credits)

  • CRES 121 [Online]

    Session 2

    Critical analysis of the movement for K-12 ethnic studies in historical and contemporary time periods with a particular focus on the Liberated Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum. Students read, discuss, and analyze past and present K-12 ethnic studies research, policy, and practice to deepen their knowledge and strengthen their ability to critique issues in K-12 ethnic studies education while reflecting on how the concepts and questions that arise relate to their own educational experiences and lives. Cross Listed Courses EDUC 121

    Proposed Instructor: Tricia Gallagher-Geurtsen

  • A Radical History of the Korean War (5 credits)

  • CRES 153 [Online]*

    Session 1

    Against dominant framings of the Korean War, which left four million Koreans dead, as the freeing of the Korean people by the United States from the forces of global communism, this course reconsiders the war, which has never formally ended, from below and to the left, namely, through the lenses of multigenerational people’s struggles against fascism and imperialism. Through collaborative, participatory research, we will materialize from the ashbin of history what might be called a people’s archive of the Korean War.
    General Education Code CC
    Proposed Instructor: Christine Hong

    *Pending CCI Approval