2020 Critical Race and Ethnic Studies Summer Courses

    Critical Race and Ethnic Studies: An Introduction (5 credits)

  • CRES 10

    Session 2

    Examines the concept of race, followed by an investigation of colorblindness, multiculturalism, and post-racialism. Race and ethnicity are examined as historically formulated in relationship to the concepts of gender, sexuality, class, nationalism, indigeneity, citizenship, immigration, and inequality. (General Education Code(s): ER.) 

    Prerequisite(s): Satisfaction of the Entry Level Writing requirement.

    Students who have not met the prerequisites, contact summer@ucsc.edu to request permission to enroll.

    Proposed Instructor - Sheeva Sabati

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  • Abolitionist Futures (5 credits)

  • CRES 118

    Session 1

    Grounded in local, national, and global prison abolition movements, this course will explore through feminist political frameworks, creative strategies that imagine and work to end all systems of domination and exploitation. It will look at California’s prisoner organizing and abolition movements, along with other historic and contemporary social movements which deepen our understandings of the ways in which carceral systems are shaped by and through capitalist formations of race, gender, sexuality, and disability. We will also look at strategies such as disability justice and transformative justice which demonstrate expansive and liberatory visions of abolition, extending far beyond the prison system itself.

    Proposed Instructor - Claire Urbanski

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  • Race, Gender and Algorithms (5 credits)

  • CRES 150

    Session 2

    Algorithms shape race and gender today, yet algorithms are older than digital media and can be understood as recipes or rituals. This course will engage with the emerging field of trans of color poetics by studying readings in women of color feminism, transgender studies and decolonial theory. Digital media art will ground the discussion, including works from queer and trans artists of color working in digital games, anti-surveillance fashion and performance art. Students will create digital media projects in response to the ideas of the course, in the medium or platform of their choice, including video prototypes, web sites, Scalar books, Twine games, podcasts and/or video channels, the technical aspects of which will be covered in class.

    Proposed Instructor - Micha Cardenas

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