Computational Media Summer Courses

    Foundations of Video Game Design

  • CMPM 80K

    Session 1

    A generally accessible course in which students explore how video games (and games generally) shape experiences and express ideas. Students develop novel games, engage in game interpretation, and survey related topics (e.g., game history, technology, narrative, and ethics) through lectures and readings. Programming experience is not required. (General Education Code: IM.) 

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    Instructor: April Grow

  • Game Development Experience

  • CMPM 120


    Prerequisites lifted in summer for all students.

    Teaches the concrete programming and collaboration skills associated with making a digital game from start to finish, including but not limited to: establishing a team, concepting, storyboarding, prototyping, producing, and testing a game for release. Students are organized into groups and work together to create and produce a playable game. This course is taught in conjunction with Art 120G which covers the skills required to design and critique digital games. (Formerly course 20, Game Design Experience.) (General Education Code: PR-E.) 

    Concurrent enrollment in ARTG 120 is required.

    Prerequisites required:  CMPM 80K, CMPS 12B/M, FILM 80V

    Prerequisites lifted:  ARTG 80H, 80I

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    Instructor:  Nathan Altice

  • Generative Design

  • CMPM 147


    Course introduces generative methods for design. Use algorithmic techniques to generate and evaluate game content (images, sounds, map designs) along with mechanics and progression systems. Search-based and learning-based techniques with connections to artificial intelligence are also covered. Prerequisite is CMPM 120.

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    Instructor: Jo Mazeika