2024 Art Summer Courses

    Introduction to Print Media and Drawing (5 credits)

  • ART 20G [In Person]

    Session 1

    Introduces the methods, materials, and history of printmaking and drawing as a tool for creative exploration. Understanding and development of concepts and skills are achieved through a series of lectures, studio demonstrations and practice, assignments, and critiques.

    General Education Code PR-C
    Proposed Instructor: Bridget Henry

  • Introduction to New Media and Digital Artmaking (5 credits)

  • ART 20K [Online]

    Session 2

    Introduces digital and new media art practice. Explores the use of the computer as tool and medium. Provides a hands-on introduction to the fundamentals of graphics; digital-image acquisition and manipulation; video; web design; and computer programming. Lectures, readings, and discussions examine the history of technology artwork and technology's relationship to contemporary culture.

    General Education Code PR-C
    Proposed Instructor: Yolande Harris

  • Digital Tools for Contemporary Art Practice (5 credits)

  • ART 80T [Online]


    Introduces the digital tools and mediums available to contemporary art practices. Tools are explored from a historical and theoretical context and from a technical perspective through hands-on tutorials. A variety of artworks that use digital mediums are also examined. Covers photo and vector editors, sound and video editing, basic 3D modeling, and images and interactions generated by code. Students should have basic computer literacy.

    General Education Code PE-T
    Proposed Instructor: Jennifer Parker

  • Figure Drawing (5 credits)

  • ART 111 [In Person]

    Session 1

    Focuses on drawing from the human figure and exploring the figure for the purpose of personal expression and social communication. Intended for the intermediate/advanced drawing student.

    Proposed Instructor: Noah Buchanan

  • Environmental Art Studio (5 credits)

  • ART 125 [In Person]

    Session 1

    Introduces students to environmental art and design through basic concepts, techniques, and studio practice.

    Proposed Instructor: Jennifer Parker

  • Figure Painting (5 credits)

  • ART 132 [In Person]

    Session 2
    Students learn the classical practice of painting the nude figure from life using traditional oil painting techniques. Students study short poses, limited color, and graduate to long pose, full color.

    General Education Code PR-C
    Proposed Instructor: Frank Galuszka

  • Digital Painting (5 credits)

  • ART 135 [Online]

    Session 2
    Gives students a comprehensive understanding of the digital painting, from basic techniques, to new media art and industry application, to how these programs operate. Studies and assignments develop and expand skills of digital paint application. Students build a cumulative digital portfolio of all of the studies and assignments completed throughout the course.

    General Education Code PR-C
    Proposed Instructor: Kathleen Deck

  • Darkroom Practices (5 credits)

  • ART 150 [In Person]

    Session 2
    Students concentrate on darkroom practices and explore visual ideas, directing their work toward individualized goals. Required work includes making photographic prints, reading historical and theoretical works, and examination of photographs.

    Proposed Instructor: Jack Chapman

  • Photo Field Research Quarter, California Road Trip (10 credits)

  • ART 155 [In Person]

    Session 1

    Offers students the unique opportunity to live and learn and photograph outside the classroom, actively engaging locations across the state of California. Students will cover 2400 miles from Northern Mendocino County to the Salton Sea, Eastern Sierra, Death Valley, and Big Sur. Class exposes students to cultural, historical, and environmental issues facing California. Due to the rigor of the course, students must submit an application demonstrating the commitment and photo preparation necessary for successful completion of the class. Students are billed a materials fee of $550.

    General Education Code PR-C
    Proposed Instructor: Jack Chapman

  • Global Seminar: Mokohanga Printmaking in Japan (6 credits)

  • ART 161J [In Person]

    Learn more and apply through Global Learning

  • Art of Bookmaking (5 credits)

  • ART 166 [In Person]

    Session 2
    Introduction to production of small edition books and multiples utilizing sequential visual imaging, narrative content, and mixed media in bookmaking. Provides instruction in conceptualizing, producing, and distributing printed artists' multiples. Ideas encouraged within a broad range of possibilities via the format of artists' books.

    Proposed Instructor: Kathleen Perry

  • Metal Fabrication (5 credits)

  • ART 183 [In Person]

    Session 1
    Focus on teaching intermediate to advanced students the processes and techniques of direct metal fabrication for contemporary sculpture and design. Explores a range of welding, cutting, and forming techniques and processes through demonstrations, slide lectures, field trips, and studio time. Demonstrations, slide lectures, and critical discussion of work help develop technical and conceptual skills.

    Proposed Instructor: Sean Monaghan