2020 Languages & Applied Linguistics Summer Courses

    First-Year Chinese (5 credits)

  • CHIN 1

    Session 1

    Instruction in elementary spoken and written Chinese (Mandarin), beginning with the sounds of Chinese and their representation in the pinyin romanization system. Conversation, structural analysis, and an introduction to character texts. The first-year sequence (1-2-3) begins only in the fall quarter. Students interested in learning Chinese who are uncertain about where they should enter the sequence should meet with the instructor prior to the first class meeting. (Formerly Instruction in the Chinese (Mandarin) Language.)

    Proposed Instructor - Jing Wu

  • Italian Language and Culture on the Amalfi Coast (10-credits) (Faculty-Led Abroad)

  • ITAL 1 & ITAL 101

    Special Session - July 27 - August 28, 2020

    Learn Italian while exploring the small town of Sorrento on the majetic Amalfi Coast. The program will be hosted by Sant'Anna Institute, where you will take Italian language and culture courses, learn about food production in Italy, and discover how the locals live through cultural excursions, cooking courses and tastings, and a full immersion experience. 



    ITAL 1 (Beginning Italian) - 5 units - required

    During the first quarter of this first-year sequence, students learn to introduce themselves, to talk about their daily activities and hobbies, to describe themselves and their friends/families, and to recount past events. The first-year sequence (1-2-3) begins in fall quarter.

    ITAL  101 - Italian Culture through Food - 5 units - required

    This course will explore how the evolution of the Italian culinary tradition and the variety of eating habits reflect the historical and economical changes that took place in Italian society over the most recent centuries. The course will investigate images of food in literary works, in Italian films and great paintings in order to understand how food became an important defining element of “Italianness” in the familiar public imagination. While the core of the course centers on Italian culture and society, we will also look at comparing food culture transnationally. In particular, we will dedicate a section of the course to the Italian-American interpretation of Italian cuisine, as well as exploring the relationships between gender identity and food in both the United States and Italy. (General Education Code: CC)

    Max Enrollment: 25

    Language of Instruction: English and Italian

    Study Abroad Program Coordinator: Ashley Bayman

    Faculty Leader: Tonia Prencipe

  • First-Year Japanese (5 credits)

  • JAPN 1

    Session 1

    Students carry out beginning-level tasks that involve listening, speaking, reading, and/or writing, and learn how to read and write Japanese scripts (hiragana, katakana, and about 40 kanji). (Formerly Instruction in the Japanese Language.)

    Proposed Instructor - Keiko Yukawa

  • Medical Spanish (5 credits)

  • SPAN 5M

    Session 1

    Students learn medical vocabulary, useful expressions, suitable grammatical structures, and cultural background to be able to interact with Spanish-speaking patients and doctors. Medical Spanish fulfills language requirement for the health sciences and human biology majors. (General Education Code: CC)

    Prerequisite(s): SPAN 4; or SPHS 4, or SPHS 5, or SPHS 6; or placement into Spanish 5 via the online Spanish Placement Examination. Enrollment is restricted to health sciences and human biology majors.

    Proposed Instructor - Ariel Pérez