Former UCSC Student

Once a Slug, always a Slug...

Welcome back! This page is for students who have previously attended UCSC but were not registered in Spring.

To enroll in summer courses:

  1. Submit your online registration and pay the non-refundable $50 registration fee. Registration is open April 1st until June 15. Your account will be processed in 7-10 business days after the fee is paid.
  2. Browse. Visit our course listings for classes, gen eds, and sessions. Use Class Search (available April 1) to see all course details like days/times, instructor, prerequisites, gen-eds, and seats available.
  3. Enroll. Add classes to your shopping cart via class search and complete the steps to officially enroll.

If you are applying for Readmission to UCSC, do not use our registration system.  Please work with your College Adviser on fall and summer.

If you enroll in 15 or more credits, we'll take $680 off! UCSC will discount your total tuition by $680 on August 10 if you complete 15+ credits over the full summer (in either or all sessions).

Session 1 Important Dates

Registration Period April 1 - June 15

Enrollment Opens May 1

Session 1 Dates June 26-July 28

Add Deadline June 29

Drop Deadline July 3

Withdrawal Period July 4 - July 14

Session 2 Important Dates

Registration Period April 1 - June 15

Enrollment Opens May 1

Session 2 Dates July 31 - September 1

Add Deadline August 3

Drop Deadline August 7

Withdrawal Period August 8 - August 18

Check our calendar for more dates, including important deadlines for 8 and 10 week classes.

Please note the drop deadlines. If you cannot attend, you MUST DROP the class yourself. Instructors do not drop students in summer. If you're enrolled in a class, you are responsible for full tuition and fees. Additionally, per University Policy, if you drop all of your courses you will be a charged a non-refundable $50 cancellation fee.

Housing Available

  • After you are enrolled, you can start the summer housing process. For Summer 2017, students will live in Porter college, home to the iconic Porter Squiggle!. 
  • If you plan on living off campus, check out the community rentals page, provided by the community rentals office.